chargeMOD Announces Growth Strategy: Nationwide Deployment of 1,200 EV Chargers, Including 600 in Kerala

Kerala-based energy tech startup “chargeMOD” has revealed its aspirations to grow, stating that it will install 600 more EV chargers in Kerala and 1,200 more EV chargers nationwide. In a statement released earlier this week, the business stated that it intended to install an additional 1,000 slow chargers and 200 fast chargers in different Indian states, as well as an additional 500 slow chargers and 100 fast chargers in Kerala.

It stated that the 1,500 charging stations in Kerala and the 2,000 stations located throughout India will not be included in this.

chargeMOD has announced its intention to roll out Ultra Fast Chargers, boasting capacities between 120 kW and 340 kW, to boost charging times for electric vehicle (EV) users. M Ramanunni, CEO and co-founder, stressed the importance of quality and affordability in the face of low-cost imported chargers. He accentuated the company’s dedication to reliability and efficiency, establishing chargeMOD as a frontrunner in the EV charging industry. This initiative includes an ecosystem of EV charging solutions featuring hardware and software produced in India.

chargeMOD’s deliberate positioning of AC slow chargers every 5 km and DC fast chargers every 50 km showcases the company’s commitment to making EV charging accessible and convenient across the country. The firm has seen considerable expansion, with more than 120 new users joining daily. This growth has facilitated over four million kilometers of clean, emission-free journeys, avoiding nearly 995 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions and conserving over 160,000 liters of gasoline.

Emerging from the Kerala Startup Mission’s incubation program, chargeMOD is the first company in Kerala to develop a locally-made mobile application for charging stations. With a robust network spanning over 2,000 charging stations across ten states and offering customer support in six languages, chargeMOD features 150 fast charging stations. This accomplishment underscores its significant role in shaping India’s EV charging infrastructure.