Chogori Unveils ES-CT6

Chogori Unveils ES-CT6: A Breakthrough in Electric Vehicle Charging Technology for Electric 2Ws and 3Ws

Chogori, a pioneer in interconnect solutions for electric 2-wheelers (2Ws) and 3-wheelers (3Ws), proudly announces the launch of ES-CT6, a revolutionary charging gun and inlet designed to redefine the electric vehicle charging experience.

A charging gun is an integral component of the electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). It plays a crucial role in ensuring the safe and efficient transfer of electricity from the main supply to the vehicle. Chogori has meticulously crafted this charging gun and inlet, considering factors such as form factor, electrical isolation, government regulations, and protocols to deliver a product that meets the highest industry standards.

Key Features of ES-CT6

➡️ Compliant with IEC 62196 – 6
➡️ In line with IS 17017 (Part-2, Sec: 6)
➡️ Complete knock down (CKD) design for localized cable assembly
➡️ Compact design for easy accommodation in under-seat storage
➡️ Advanced product quality to ensure reliability

Technical Specifications

➡️ Rated Voltage: 120 V DC
➡️ Rated Current: 25 Amperes
➡️ Ingress Protection: IP 55
➡️ Mating Cycles: ≥ 10,000
➡️ Cable Cross Section: 12 AWG ~ 14 AWG (Power)

Chogori has invested considerable effort in ensuring that ES-CT6 adheres to evolving regulations and industry standards. The complete knocked-down (CKD) design allows for localized cable assembly, enhancing convenience for manufacturers and service providers.
ES-CT6 has been developed to cater to a diverse range of electric vehicle segments, including electric two-wheelers, electric three-wheelers, and charging infrastructure companies. One of its standout features is interoperability, enabling OEMs to share their charging networks across brands, fostering collaboration and accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles.

About Chogori

Chogori has been a trailblazer in Electric Two-Wheeler and Three-Wheeler connectors since 2014. With a focus on continuous innovation, Chogori offers a comprehensive range of connector solutions, addressing applications across low to high currents in motor and battery charging and discharging. The company leverages its wealth of experience to provide cutting-edge interconnect solutions to meet the ever-growing demands of the electric vehicle market