Delta Electronics Amplifies India's EV Charging Network, and aims to Expand R&D Team Fourfold

Delta Electronics Amplifies India’s EV Charging Network, and aims to Expand R&D Team Fourfold

Over 10,000 EV chargers with charging capacities ranging from 3kW to 350kW have been installed by Delta Electronics India since 2017. These chargers are designed to accommodate a variety of vehicle sectors, including passenger car and two- and three-wheeler categories.

The company has made significant investments in the design, manufacturing, and sales operations for the electric vehicle (EV) industry in India, and anticipates robust growth in the EV charging sector.

“We envisage strong growth in this vertical, and given our global expertise and focus in the EV charging domain, we are a very capable player in this area. With our power electronics, thermal management, and software capabilities put together, we are a very strong contender in the EV charging infrastructure segment in India,”

Rajesh Kaushal, Vice President, of Delta Electronics India, told Autocar Professional.

While currently providing both onboard and offboard chargers for two- and three-wheelers, the company is now venturing into the production of high-voltage fast chargers for electric buses. With a commitment to local manufacturing and development, the company has invested $500 million in India, including a new factory in Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu. Its first plant in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand, is dedicated to manufacturing EV chargers.

Delta Electronics India is also set to introduce locally adapted EV components, like power electronics, from its global range, catering to automotive OEMs in India. The company’s portfolio extends beyond EVs, with the automotive industry being a significant part of its business. This includes industrial automation solutions, IoT, and Industry 4.0 technologies.

Solid Strategies for R&D Expansion

The company, established in 2003, now employs 3,500 people, with approximately 500 of them working in R&D, engineering, and field application roles. These teams are based in Bengaluru and Gurugram R&D centers, the latter focusing on innovation in EV charging products and the development of both low- and high-power electronics.

Delta Electronics India emphasizes the importance of R&D. Globally, Delta Electronics allocates about 8% of its annual revenue to R&D activities, while in India, this figure is around 6.5% of its annual turnover.

“Delta Electronics will continue to invest in India, and being a large country with a highly-skilled workforce, there is a significant focus on India. We have plans to invest in the area of R&D and grow our engineering strength to 2,000 people over the next few years,”

said Kaushal.

“We support our global operations in the design and development activities of several projects. India is a centre of excellence from an R&D perspective, and software is one of the key capabilities that we have, and excel in. Delta has significant expansion plans, including making India its global hub for excellence for global operations,”

he added.

On January 18, Delta Electronics India unveiled its one-of-a-kind mobile data center in Gurugram. The goal of the facility is to provide fast installation and minimal downtime for prospective clients in the IT, enterprise, industrial, and transportation sectors.

According to the company, the prefabricated micro data centre will enable clients to access data more quickly as they seek to shorten the time required to set up such a digital infrastructure for their operations, which depend heavily on massive amounts of data. Delta Electronics recorded US$ 13 billion in revenue in CY23, and according to Kaushal, the electronics major is still expanding both in India and abroad.

“Industrial and automotive (including EVs) segments are very attractive areas for us, particularly in terms of the industrial automation services that we offer. Therefore, automotive remains a key segment for us. Moreover, there is significant opportunity in the EV segment going forward,”

Kaushal said.

Content Credit: Professional Autocar