ElectroRide Partners with Uber and Jubilant FoodWorks for EV Mobility Solutions

ElectroRide, a multi-brand e-mobility product solutions company, has announced its collaboration with Uber and Jubilant FoodWorks to provide customized and cost-efficient electric vehicles for their delivery and ride-hailing services.

ElectroRide is a subsidiary of Goenka Green, which also offers motorcycles, three-wheelers, and eco-mobility solutions. The company has a strategic partnership with HCD India, which has been delivering to leading logistics service providers such as DHL and Delhivery.

ElectroRide’s electric vehicles are designed to meet the specific needs of Uber and Jubilant FoodWorks, which owns brands like Domino’s and Hong’s Kitchen. The company claims that its electric vehicles are sustainable, convenient, and offer an exceptional customer experience. ElectroRide also provides after-sales support and is actively participating in developing and deploying e-vehicle charging infrastructure across the country.

“Our shared commitment to sustainability, convenience, and an exceptional customer experience makes this partnership truly special”. Raghav Nanda, founder and CEO, of HCD India, said, “Our commitment to providing the right type of electric vehicles, paired with a rapid service model aligns with the industry’s needs, and positions our vehicles for significant growth and success in the electric mobility sector.”

Tanuj Jain, Director and co-founder, of Goenka Green

ElectroRide has ambitious plans to expand its presence in the Indian market.

“We are eyeing to expand 2500 EV stores across India in the next 5 years. Further, we plan to introduce 10,000 electric vehicles on Indian roads within the next 2 years under the last-mile mobility wing and become the largest chain of multi-brand electronic vehicles that cater to B2B customers. Our mission is to break market barriers for all big giants in the mobility segment and cater to more such brands.”

Rajendra Goenka, founder and Chairman, of Goenka Green

About Goenka Green

Goenka Green is a private limited company that was incorporated on 14 December, 2021. It is based in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, and has a vision to provide innovative and eco-friendly mobility solutions to the Indian market. Goenka Green is led by Rajendra Goenka, the founder and Chairman, and Tanuj Jain, the Director and Co-founder.