Elli Expands Charging Network Accessibility Through New Partnership with SIXT

In a significant move for the electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem, Volkswagen Group Charging, also known as Elli, has opened its expansive European charging network to external mobility companies for the first time. This development marks a milestone in making electric mobility more broadly accessible and convenient.

Elli, recognized for its comprehensive charging infrastructure and cutting-edge digital mobility solutions, is now enabling seamless access to an extensive, high-quality charging network across Europe. This initiative is exemplified through the introduction of SIXT Charge, a new product designed to streamline the EV charging process for customers. SIXT Charge offers a simplified experience, covering access to Elli’s charging stations, locating charge points, initiating and concluding charging sessions, and managing billing and payments.

“This collaboration with SIXT represents a pivotal step towards making electric mobility more accessible and convenient for everyone. The mobility transition requires us to rethink conventional industry paradigms and embrace sustainability as a guiding principle. By opening our premium charging ecosystem to mobility companies outside the Volkswagen Group, we are breaking down barriers and making electric mobility more accessible to a wider audience,”

says Giovanni Palazzo, CEO Elli.

“By launching our new app-integrated charging solution, SIXT Charge, we are making charging as easy and seamless as possible. Together with our partner Elli, we are dedicated to making sustainable mobility accessible for even more people. With one single login in the SIXT app, our customers can take full advantage of extensive EV charging features across Europe as well as the entire SIXT ecosystem of mobility offerings.”

Nico Gabriel, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Sixt SE:

Elli’s network is rapidly growing, boasting over 650,000 charge points across 29 European countries, marking a 44% growth in the past year. The focus isn’t just on expansion but also on quality, ensuring that customers have access to a reliable and high-quality international public charging network. The Selected Partner Network, a group of high-performance charging infrastructure partners, offers additional amenities like cafes, restaurants, and sanitary facilities to enhance the charging experience.

The network includes notable partners such as IONITY Europe, Aral Pulse, Audi charging hubs, and Ewiva, with the recent addition of Zunder ES*ZUN, a leading provider of ultra-fast charging in Southern Europe. This network comprises approximately 8,000 charging points and continues to grow.

“We want to make a real impact on how we travel via electric vehicles across Europe. In addition to strong partnerships, digital solutions will help improve the customer experience. Our newly established business unit, ‘Elli Digital’ is the backbone of our company and plays a key role in driving forward the mobility and energy transition.”

Giovanni Palazzo adds,