Emobi Teams Up with Musashi and Honda Power Pack Energy for Electric Scooters

Emobi Teams Up with Musashi and Honda Power Pack Energy for Electric Scooters

A company called Emobi, which makes electric scooters in Bengaluru, has teamed up with two other companies, Honda Power Pack Energy India (HEID) and Musashi Seimitsu (Musashi). They worked together to make an electric scooter. They used Musashi’s powerful drivetrain and a special battery service from Honda Power Pack Energy to build it.

According to Emobi, their electric scooter is engineered to be a best-in-class vehicle for the last-mile delivery and bike taxi sectors, with an emphasis on cost, dependability, and performance.

The EV is claimed to be designed to be on par with 125cc equivalent ICE scooters and is expected to be amongst the best-in-class for the target segment on performance, efficiency, and reliability.

The electric scooter start-up Emobi Manufactury (Emobi), based in Bengaluru, has established a strategic relationship with Honda Power Pack Energy India (HEID) and Musashi Seimitsu (Musashi). Using Musashi’s high-performance drivetrain and Battery-as-a-Service from Honda Power Pack Energy battery swapping technologies, the start-up has created an electric two-wheeler.

Bharath Rao, Founder, Emobi said, “Our vision has always been to make last-mile deliveries/bike taxis more exciting, eco-friendly, and cost-effective than ICE vehicles. With the support of our global partners and our innovative technology-enabled designs, we are confident that Emobi will redefine the last-mile delivery/bike taxi landscape in India to start and globally in the near future”.

Toshihisa Otsuka, CEO – India / Africa Region, Head, E-motorcycle business, Musashi said, “One of the purposes is we contribute to realize the enriched ‘Harmony’ in our lives and earth. We support Emobi’s strategy and we will develop affordable and reliable products under the partnership.” 

Tomohide Haraguchi, VP – of Technology and OEM development, at Honda Power Pack Energy India said, “Our battery swapping service can reduce B2B rider’s charging downtime and the initial cost of purchasing an EV. There is also no need to worry about deteriorated battery replacement in the future. The wealth of expertise with lithium-ion battery technology that Honda has cultivated over many years in the global four-wheeler market has been concentrated in the creation of the Honda Mobile Power Pack, a swappable battery solution. This secure and reliable lithium-ion battery pack will undoubtedly expedite Emobi’s growth in the sales of cutting-edge electric vehicles.” 

Content Credit: financial express