Erisha E Mobility Inks Deal INR 6,900 Crore for Green Hydrogen and Mega EV Park in Gujarat

Erisha E Mobility Inks Deal INR 6,900 Crore for Green Hydrogen and Mega EV Park in Gujarat

Erisha E Mobility, a company working in renewable energy and electric vehicles, has made a big plan with the Government of Gujarat. They want to work on new and better ways to use renewable energy, especially focusing on making green hydrogen.

Green hydrogen is a clean energy source that doesn’t harm the environment. They also want to build a special park for electric vehicles (EVs) and set up 100 advanced places in Gujarat where people can charge their electric cars. They plan to spend a total of 6,900 crore Indian Rupees (which is about 829 million US dollars) on this project.

This new plan in Gujarat comes after Erisha E Mobility already agreed to invest 6,300 crore Indian Rupees in similar projects in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. In Gujarat, they have a big idea to build an EV Park on 320 acres of land, spending 1,500 crore Indian Rupees. This EV Park is going to be the first of its kind in the area. It’s not just a place for making electric cars; it’s also going to be a center where people can come together to create new ideas, do research, and develop new technologies for electric vehicles. This park will help grow the electric vehicle industry in Gujarat by bringing together car makers, technology experts, and researchers.

Besides the EV Park, Erisha E Mobility also plans to build a strong network for charging electric cars. They will set up 100 charging stations across Gujarat, investing 400 crore Indian Rupees in this. These charging stations will be placed in key locations throughout the state, making it easier for people to charge their electric cars.

Another big part of their plan is to invest 5,000 crore Indian Rupees in creating a system for green hydrogen in Gujarat. They will work with their partners from Europe who are experts in green hydrogen. This project will use renewable energy sources, like solar or wind power, to make green hydrogen. This is important because green hydrogen is a clean and sustainable energy source, and it doesn’t release harmful emissions into the environment. Erisha E Mobility’s projects in Gujarat are all about using renewable energy and supporting the growth of electric vehicles, which are better for the environment.