Exicom Grows in Southeast Asia, Collaborates with INNOPOWER Co. Ltd. forExclusive Distribution in Thailand

Exicom Grows in Southeast Asia, Collaborates with INNOPOWER Co. Ltd. forExclusive Distribution in Thailand

Exicom, a pioneer in EV charger manufacturing in India, has recently announced a significant distribution agreement with INNOPOWER Company Limited, a leading energy innovation firm in Thailand.

This collaboration is poised to make a substantial impact on Thailand’s electric vehicle market, with Innopower taking charge of distributing Exicom’s range of AC/DC chargers. This strategic partnership marks a major expansion of Exicom’s presence in the Southeast Asian market, establishing a vital local sales and distribution network.

This move into the Thai market represents a crucial step for Exicom in advancing efficient EV charging solutions and supporting infrastructure. It aligns with Thailand’s ambition to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, a goal supported by the government’s strong focus on e-mobility initiatives and the development of EV infrastructure.

The formalization of the partnership between Exicom and INNOPOWER, marked by a signing ceremony, initiated this alliance with the installation of six 30kW chargers. INNOPOWER’s responsibilities extend beyond distribution to include the promotion, marketing, and sales of Exicom’s products throughout Thailand. To strengthen its international presence, Exicom has also established a local sales and distribution network, spanning India and Southeast Asia. Exicom is broadening its global reach by diversifying its product range and embracing digital transformation in its internal processes.

“Recognizing the Southeast Asia’s immense potential for EV growth, our experience as a leading Indian EV charger manufacturer uniquely positions us to meet the region’s increasing demand. Our alliance with INNOPOWER, rooted in shared goals for sustainable mobility, is set to significantly boost both companies’ growth. Drawing on the nation’s technological advancements, our advanced EV chargers exemplifies the high-quality innovations, designed to make a significant impact on the global stage. As we extend our influence, our goal remains clear – to shape a future where sustainable mobility is the norm, not just in Thailand, but resonating globally.”

Mr. Anant Nahata, Managing Director of Exicom, remarked.

INNOPOWER, a collaboration among Thailand’s premier energy companies, including the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, Ratch Group Public Company Limited, and the Electricity Generating Public Company Limited (EGCO Group), specializes in innovative energy solutions. With over five decades of combined experience, the company is well-positioned to invest in global sustainable energy initiatives. This new partnership with Exicom signifies a major step in this forward-thinking journey.

“We are very excited to partner with Exicom. They stand out to us in terms of reliability and affordability, making it an excellent practical choice for our customers in Thailand. With our in-depth understanding of the EV charger market in Thailand, we aim to assist Exicom in growing their network to reach a broader range of customers, including fleet and private vehicle owners. This partnership marks a significant step forward in our commitment to promoting clean mobility solutions and contributing to the sustainable development of the EV ecosystem in Thailand,”

said Mr. Athip Tantivorawong, Chief Executive Officer of INNOPOWER.

Originating from India, Exicom’s early engagement in the EV charger sector, combined with its integrated operations, R&D capabilities, and diverse EV charger portfolio, positions the company to capitalize on the growing global EV Charger industry. Exicom’s robust chargers, designed to withstand challenging environmental and electrical conditions, offer a comprehensive range of electric vehicle charging solutions. Additionally, their SPIN Control mobile application provides residential users with an intuitive interface, featuring remote charger operation, analytics, smart device compatibility, and automated charging scheduling.

Exicom’s collaboration with INNOPOWER represents a commitment to delivering simplified, reliable, and convenient EV charging solutions in Thailand.