Exicom, India's EV Charger Leader, Launches EV Chargers in the UK to Boost EV Adoption

Exicom, India’s EV Charger Leader, Launches EV Chargers in the UK to Boost EV Adoption

Exicom, the biggest manufacturer of EV chargers in India and a reliable supplier to major automakers, charging station operators, and other ecosystem players, has announced its planned strategic entry into the UK and Europe markets. In addition to expanding its distribution network, Exicom intends to offer EV chargers directly to consumers.

Exicom, a company spreading its wings globally, sees Europe as a big opportunity for its fancy EV charging and business solutions. Recently, they introduced a special product called Harmony Direct DC 360 Fast Charger at a show in London. This cool gadget is designed specifically for Europe and aims to make life easier for electric vehicle (EV) drivers by offering super-fast charging. It’s like the speed king in the market, delivering up to 360kW of power. Plus, it has a smart design and features to keep things neat and user-friendly. You can install these chargers at gas stations, shops, highways, and other places to juice up electric vehicle fleets. Exciting times for the EV world!

Exicom is super excited to introduce its latest achievement—the ‘Spin Air’ EV AC Charger. This nifty device is a big deal for home electric vehicle charging. The Spin Air is not just a pretty face; it combines top-notch technology, user-friendly features, and a sleek design. But here’s the cool part: it’s not just about looks. The Spin Air is super smart when it comes to charging your electric vehicle.

One awesome thing about Spin Air is that it plays nice with solar power. You can use renewable energy to charge your electric vehicle, which is great for the environment. And that’s not all—the Spin Air also knows how to share. It can balance the load and distribute power efficiently around your home.

But wait, there’s more! The Spin Air is like a superhero when paired with Exicom’s Spin Control mobile app. With this app, you can keep an eye on your charging sessions, set schedules, and get real-time updates—all from the comfort of your phone. Managing your charging is now as easy as tapping a button. Talk about convenience and control in one sleek package!

Exicom is a big player in making sure electric vehicles (EVs) get the power they need. Originally from India, they’ve spread their expertise to over 15 countries worldwide. In India, their chargers have stood up to tough weather and electrical challenges. Now, they’re making a mark in places like Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Middle East. Exicom is now setting foot in the UK through the London EV Show 2023. Their main goal? To make EV charging easy, reliable, and ready for the future, following the UK Government’s plan to have only emission-free vehicles by 2035. With over 20 years of experience, Exicom has earned the trust of major car companies globally. They’re known for their top-notch technology, on-time deliveries, and constant customer support.

“With many governments and especially UK favouring faster adoption of electric mobility, the demand for innovative home charging solutions and fast charging stations is higher than ever. We are thrilled to introduce our new range of Harmony DC chargers which fit variety of use cases and are convenient to operate. Our SPIN Home chargers are compact, connected and compliant with UK smart charging regulations. With the expansion of our operations in Europe, we hope to play a key role in enabling low carbon society in these markets

– said, Anant Nahata, CEO, Exicom.

Exicom’s global operations are supported by three state-of-the-art manufacturing units and two R&D centers in India. Exicom is driven by a customer-first approach, differentiating itself with products developed based on design, form factor, and unique features, relying on innovation and R&D activities. Exicom plans to establish a local sales, service, and application engineering team to meet customer demands in the European market.