Exploring the New Gogoro Jego Smart Scooter: A Comprehensive Guide

In an era increasingly leaning towards sustainable and intelligent transportation, Gogoro has made a significant splash with the launch of its latest electric smart scooter, the Jego. Touted as “A ride for the electric era,” the Jego combines a modern, attractive design with innovative features, setting new sales records in Taiwan within just its first week on the market. This article delves into Jego’s price, speed, features, design, and colour options, alongside its range, to provide a comprehensive overview.


Gogoro has positioned the Jego as an accessible option in the electric scooter market with an attractive starting price of USD$760, after government subsidies. This competitive pricing is part of Gogoro’s strategy to democratize electric mobility. Additionally, a promotional battery swapping subscription is available at USD$7 per month for 1,000km, prepaid for 36 months, further enhancing its value proposition.

Speed and Range

The Jego doesn’t just impress with its looks but also its performance metrics. Capable of reaching a top speed of 68 km/h and offering a range of 162 km, it balances speed with efficiency. This range is facilitated by advanced battery technology that supports both single and dual battery configurations, ensuring that riders can enjoy longer trips without frequent stops for charging.


Gogoro has equipped the Jego with a host of features aimed at improving the rider’s experience. The scooter’s Eco-Speedy Hub Motor minimizes service needs and enhances riding smoothness by eliminating vibrations. A full LED, full-color clear display provides clear visuals, while an anti-theft system, synchronized braking, and standard dual disk brakes enhance safety. The inclusion of a one-click reverse feature, ample luggage space, and a comfy seat further ensure convenience and comfort for the rider. Maintenance is simplified with service intervals set at every 5,000 km.

Design and Color

The Jego’s design is a testament to Gogoro’s commitment to merging style with practicality. Its sleek lines and modern aesthetic are complemented by a choice of four vibrant colours: 

🎨 Red

🎨 Yellow

🎨 Blue


🎨 White

The design not only catches the eye but also integrates functional elements like a full-colour, clear display and a spacious trunk.


The Gogoro Jego smart scooter sets a new benchmark in the realm of electric mobility with its compelling blend of design, functionality, and affordability. Its impressive sales figures in Taiwan underscore the market’s readiness for innovative, eco-friendly transportation solutions. With the Jego, Gogoro not only promises a more sustainable and enjoyable riding experience but also positions itself as a leader in the electric scooter industry. Whether it’s the thoughtful design, the range of features, or the competitive pricing strategy, the Jego is poised to redefine what riders can expect from an electric scooter.