Gogoro's CrossOver Electric Scooter Set to Hit the Indian Market on December 12

Gogoro’s CrossOver Electric Scooter Set to Hit the Indian Market on December 12

With prices to be revealed on December 12, 2023, Gogoro, the Taiwan-based EV manufacturer, is getting ready to introduce its new CrossOver electric scooter to the Indian market. First unveiled in October, the upcoming EV will be the first offering from the two-wheeler brand in India and is designed for both all roads and no roads.

The Gogoro CrossOver dubbed the “two-wheeled SUV,” has elements that make it look tough and useful, like 12-inch wheels with Maxxis dual-purpose tires, split-type seats, front suspension with fork guards, an extended LED headlight with load-bearing shroud, and built-in cargo compartments. Interestingly, the scooter has a feature that allows the pillion seat to fold down to become a backrest, giving it more storage space. Optional extras include top cases, panniers, and front and rear luggage racks.

The CrossOver’s new steel tubular frame ensures enhanced body rigidity and offers additional storage choices. It has dual shock absorbers at the back and a telescopic fork up front, with 220mm and 180mm discs at each location for brakes.


The Gogoro CrossOver is equipped with two battery packs, each weighing slightly over 10 kg. These can be replaced and recharged at the battery-swapping stations. The scooter’s 7.6kW electric motor provides power; the company has not yet revealed the scooter’s riding range or charging duration. To put things in perspective, the global version of the Gogoro CrossOver has a liquid-cooled motor that produces 9bhp and 27Nm of peak torque.


The electric scooter’s specs are as follows: its kerb weight (including batteries) is 126 kg, and its ground clearance is 142 mm. Its wheelbase, albeit not precisely how long it is, is expected to be more than 1,400 mm.


The Gogoro CrossOver is expected to be priced competitively given its features, which include a color display with the smartphone connectivity that shows ride-related information, traction control as standard, OTA updates, and optional cruise control. The CrossOver is currently being produced in Maharashtra, where the Taiwanese company has committed to investing $1.5 billion to build battery packs/vehicles and battery swap stations. In addition, Gogoro has partnered with Zypp Electric, Swiggy, and Zomato to encourage and expedite the adoption of electric vehicles in the last-mile transportation sector.

Furthermore, Hero MotoCorp, Gogoro’s partner, is currently developing a brand-new scooter with the latter’s innovation platform and interchangeable batteries.