Greaves Unveils Eltra City: The New Electric 3-Wheeler for Passengers

In an ambitious stride towards revolutionizing urban transportation, Greaves Electric Mobility’s 3W subsidiary proudly unveils the Greaves Eltra City. This state-of-the-art electric 3-wheeler passenger vehicle is a testament to the company’s dedication to innovation, comfort, and efficiency. As the latest addition to the Greaves Electric Mobility lineup, Greaves Eltra City emerges from the success of the Greaves Eltra cargo, promising a blend of ‘Everything Extra’ for the modern commuter.

Speed and Performance

At the heart of Greaves Eltra City lies a powerful 9.6 kW motor paired with a 10.8 kWh lithium-ion battery, designed for optimal performance and effortless journeys. This electric marvel is engineered to navigate the urban sprawl with ease, offering best-in-class features such as 14-degree gradability, 49 Nm torque, and hill hold assist. These attributes ensure a smooth and reliable driving experience, even in the most challenging urban terrains.


One of the most remarkable features of Greaves Eltra City is its extraordinary range. Capable of travelling approximately 160 kilometers on a single charge, it stands out as a game-changer for drivers and commuters alike. This impressive range not only facilitates uninterrupted travel but also opens up new avenues for increased earning potential, marking a significant milestone in the realm of electric urban mobility.

Innovative Features and Connectivity

Greaves Eltra City doesn’t just excel in speed and range; it also boasts a suite of innovative features that set it apart. A highlight is the advanced 6.2″ digital instrument cluster, equipped with IoT capabilities. This feature allows for seamless access to real-time information and navigation, ensuring a connected and informed journey. Coupled with a durable full metal body and a comprehensive 3-year warranty (extendable to 5 years), it prioritizes safety, reduces maintenance costs, and maximizes vehicle uptime.


Greaves Eltra City will come in two eye-catching, vibrant hues. They are listed in the following order:

🌈 Lunar White  

🌈Aqua Blue

“3 W subsidiary of Greaves Electric Mobility, is experiencing remarkable growth. The introduction of Greaves Eltra City represents yet another significant achievement in our quest to redefine urban transportation landscape. Building on the success of Eltra Cargo, we are optimistic that Eltra City will replicate this triumph, providing customers with another outstanding urban mobility solution. This launch further underscores our commitment to democratising last-mile mobility in India, reaffirming the company’s overarching mission.”

Nirmal NR, CEO of 3W Business, Greaves Electric Mobility, said.


The introduction of Greaves Eltra City by Greaves Electric Mobility marks a significant advancement in the field of electric urban transportation. With its exceptional speed, range, innovative features, and commitment to customer satisfaction, Greaves Eltra City is set to pioneer a new era in urban mobility, offering a glimpse into the future of sustainable and efficient travel.