GreenCell Mobility Expands Electric Bus Services to Include Delhi-Shimla Route with NueGo Brand

GreenCell Mobility Expands Electric Bus Services to Include Delhi-Shimla Route with NueGo Brand

New Delhi: GreenCell Mobility’s well-known electric bus service brand, NueGo, has extended its services to the Delhi-Shimla route, thereby offering tourists in the area more eco-friendly intercity travel options. Founded in 2022, NueGo has quickly expanded its network throughout India, offering eco-friendly intercity travel through its all-electric bus fleet. The brand is synonymous with accessibility, customer satisfaction, and a dedication to sustainable mobility solutions. NueGo offers a smooth and enjoyable experience for both business and leisure travellers by operating a diverse fleet of buses around the clock.

Devndra Chawla, MD & CEO, GreenCell Mobility, said, “We are thrilled to introduce the Delhi-Shimla route as part of our growing network. Shimla is a popular tourist destination, and we are dedicated to offering travellers a comfortable and environmentally friendly method to visit this lovely hill station. NueGo is redefining the future of intercity travel by emphasizing accessibility, dependability, and environmental sensitivity.” 

 “Shimla, located in the beautiful Himalayas, gives a special touch to NueGo’s route possibilities. By using NueGo’s electric bus services, visitors may now enjoy the scenic splendour of Shimla while also contributing to a greener environment. This growth is in line with NueGo’s objective to provide commuters across the country with convenient, dependable, and environmentally friendly transportation options”, he added.

As the leading brand for intercity travel in India, NueGo by GreenCell Mobility is distinguished by its electric, diverse, and collaborative approach to transportation. Passengers travelling on these routes can expect an amazing experience, including being helped to their seats, receiving clean, sterile tissues and water bottles, and having a peaceful ride on one of NueGo’s noiseless AC electric buses. These coaches are outfitted with cutting-edge innovations that provide passengers with complete convenience. 

As the leading option for environmentally friendly and safe travel, NueGo raises the standard with a variety of safety features. These include strong measures like CCTV surveillance, breath analyzers for drivers, driver monitoring systems, and speed limit checks. In order to guarantee the highest level of safety, NueGo’s coaches go through 25 thorough safety checks, which include mechanical and electrical inspections. NueGo’s attention to safety makes it a desirable travel partner, particularly for female passengers looking for a safe ride.

NueGo makes every effort to provide its passengers with an experience that is similar to flying. Its mobile charging stations, ample legroom, and cozy reclined seats evoke the atmosphere of flying.

 Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, NueGo coaches are the pinnacle of convenience for travellers between cities. They are always committed to providing a safe, timely, and remarkable travel experience, so they excel in all areas. 

You can easily purchase tickets for travel on any of its routes by visiting the company’s official website or through digital platforms like the NueGo app, Redbus, Paytm, and Abhi bus, according to a press release from the company.