Himachal Pradesh Unveils Kiratpur-Manali-Keylong Green Corridor with EV Charging Stations

Himachal Pradesh Unveils Kiratpur-Manali-Keylong Green Corridor with EV Charging Stations

The Himachal Pradesh government is poised to reach a significant achievement with the upcoming inauguration of the Kiratpur-Manali-Keylong green corridor, which features seven electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, as announced in an official statement on Saturday.

In his first budget speech, Chief Minister Sukhvinder Sukhu declared plans to establish six green corridors across the state to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles.

The Indian Oil Corporation Ltd has strategically set up seven EV charging stations at various locations including Ghandal, Daseran (near Darlaghat), Nauni (near Bilaspur), Jadol, the Ner Chowk bypass, Kullu, and Keylong along the Kiratpur-Manali-Keylong corridor.

The charging stations will also be helpful to EV drivers heading from Shimla to Keylong.

Sukhu stated that the Transport Department has opened tenders for the construction of 45 more EV charging stations along the other proposed green pathways, and that work is being done to quickly get the remaining five green lanes up to speed.

In order to encourage private operators to establish these stations, the government is providing a 50% subsidy. This highlights the significance of choosing locations that have easy access to infrastructure for charging.

“The impacts of global warming are clearly visible, and we must take steps to curb the problem. That’s why the government is committed to transform Himachal Pradesh into a Green Energy State by March 31, 2026, and measures have already been implemented, including the Rajiv Gandhi Self-Employment Startup Yojna, under which a 50 per cent subsidy is being provided to purchase e-taxis, e-buses, and e-trucks.”

The Chief Minister said.

He further stated that as of this year, the government has prohibited the purchase of gasoline and diesel vehicles for use by the public sector.