IME Rapid Expending its presence Across Northern India

IME Rapid, India’s Longest-Range Electric Two-Wheeler, Accelerates Expansion Across Northern India

IME Vehicles Pvt Ltd, a trusted name in EV two-wheeler market, has announced the soft launch of its flagship vehicle, IME Rapid, in the Northern regions of India, including MP, Delhi, NCR and Punjab. The electric two-wheeler will also be available in Jammu Kashmir starting next month. IME Rapid recently made an aggressive market penetration in Karnataka, Odisha, Tamil Nadu and Kerala and is vehemently spreading its outreach across the country.

This domestically produced high-quality electric two-wheeler boasts an impressive range of 300 kilometers on a single charge and a top speed of 80 km/hr, marking a significant advancement in electric mobility. This addresses the prevalent issue of range anxiety and marks a major stride toward sustainable transportation in India.

IME Rapid’s exceptional performance is made possible due to its proprietary Smart Range Technology (SRT), a revolutionary advancement that redefines the capabilities of electric two-wheelers.

SRT intelligently analyzes real-time data, incorporating factors such as battery status, weather conditions, traffic density and driving patterns to provide highly accurate range predictions.

This technological breakthrough alleviates range anxiety, encouraging the widespread adoption of electric vehicles and contributing to a cleaner environment.

Electric Vehicles are the need of the hour for the country to curb the alarming pollution levels. However, it is also important to manufacture safe and dependable vehicles that would further boost the growth of the robust EV industry. At IME Vehicles, our strong R&D team has addressed all the challenges that the EV industry is facing currently.

Our proprietary SRT technology has addressed the range challenge making IME Rapid the only vehicle in India to give the longest range of 300 kms on a single charge. Our Make in India model also addresses the major issue of after-sale service and part replacement roadblocks that most e-vehicles encounter. We are constantly refining our technology to meet the expectations of our customers

The launch of IME Rapid is timely, especially when range anxiety and battery overheating loom large as major hurdles for electric two-wheelers, eroding consumer confidence and hindering industry growth. IME Vehicles envisions a future where electric mobility is embraced wholeheartedly. To further instill confidence in customers, IME Vehicles offers warranties and ensures easy availability of spare parts across all regions, facilitating seamless vehicle servicing for all customers.
Demonstrating a commitment to accessibility, IME Vehicles has established partnerships with leading financial institutions such as Kotak Mahindra, HDB Bank, Loan Tap, Shreeram Finance, LiquiLoans, and other prominent banks in India. Additionally, customers have the option to secure vehicle insurance through Reliance and ICICI.
With a steadfast determination to overcome challenges and a clear focus on innovation, IME Vehicles is shaping the future of sustainable mobility in the country.

About IME Vehicles Pvt Ltd

IME Vehicles Pvt Ltd, a trusted name in the electric two-wheeler business, was established in 2022. IME, which stands for Indian Made Electric vehicles, is truly a company that has focused on developing 100% ‘Make in India’ parts and products for its EV range, contributing to the development and growth of the nation. Headquartered in Uttar Pradesh, IME Vehicles has three manufacturing plants- a 6460 sqft Spare Parts Warehouse in Sikandrabad, a 21,530 sqft Low-Speed Vehicle Manufacturing Plant in Manesar and a 27,000 sqft High-Speed Vehicle manufacturing plant in Dasna. This dynamic and forward-thinking company is focused on delivering the best possible products and services to its customers and is constantly seeking new ways to improve and innovate.