India Introduces Its First Bus with Hydrogen Fuel Cell in Delhi

India Introduces Its First Bus with Hydrogen Fuel Cell in Delhi

Union Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Hardeep Singh Puri unveiled India’s first green hydrogen fuel cell-powered bus.  Puri said this bus is good for the environment and can charge quickly.

“The fuel cell utilizes Hydrogen and air to generate electricity to power the bus and the only by-product from the bus is water therefore making it possibly the most environmentally friendly mode of transportation as compared to conventional buses that run on diesel and petrol. With three times the energy density and the absence of harmful emissions, hydrogen shines as a cleaner, more efficient choice to meet the energy requirements,” Puri said.  

Puri claimed that in addition to being an environmentally beneficial method of transportation, the recently introduced bus also has the advantage of fast charging. 

According to Puri, the incremental growth in the world’s energy consumption over the following two decades should be accounted for by new fuels like hydrogen and biofuels to the tune of 25%.

“With one of the largest synchronous grids in the world, we have achieved ‘One Nation-One Grid-One Frequency’, and would soon be a global champion in production and exports of Hydrogen and is set to emerge as the Hub for green hydrogen”, he added.

According to Puri, the nation also debuted the first BS 6 (Stage II) Electrified Flex Fuel vehicle prototype in the world, which combines an electric drivetrain with a flex fuel engine to provide a higher utilization of ethanol while also improving fuel efficiency.

“Now with flagging-off the first two hydrogen cell buses, we have set the ball rolling and expect another 15 such buses to ply on Delhi NCR roads by the end of this year”, stated the Petroleum Minister.

Puri praised Indian Oil for pursuing this cooperative approach with Tata Motors to build domestic solutions for Fuel Cell and hydrogen infrastructure in the nation, describing the green hydrogen-powered buses as a game changer for city transportation.

“Success of this project can catapult India from being a net importer of fossil energy to becoming net exporter of clean hydrogen energy”, added Shri Puri.

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