inGO Electric Launches inGO Flee 2.0 Electric Vehicle In India

inGO Electric Launches inGO Flee 2.0 Electric Vehicle In India

InGo Electric, a company focused on small electric vehicles, just introduced its newest model: the inGO Flee 2.0. Starting at INR 62,000, this electric vehicle is all about comfort and smart design.

Comfortable and convenient:

The inGO Flee 2.0 promises a smooth ride, with maintenance-free shocks for a comfy journey. It can carry up to 25kgs on the carrier and 50kgs on the footboard, making it practical for your needs.

Smart Features for Easy Riding:

Equipped with IoT and telematics tech, this vehicle offers real-time tracking, remote locking, geo-fencing, and theft alerts. Plus, its Lithium-Ion battery ensures quick charging in less than four hours and easy swapping in under two minutes.

Nikhil Gonsalves’ Vision:

“inGO was founded to offer an effective micro-mobility solution, changing the way we commute in urban cities. Our new model, inGO Flee 2.0, prioritizes stability and ease of riding, providing not just transportation but an experience.”

Nikhil Gonsalves, CEO and Co-Founder of inGO Electric, remarked


✔️ Top Speed: 25 kmph

✔️ Motor & Controller: 250 Watt BLDC Hub Motor

✔️ Battery: 1.1kWh, 48V

✔️ Charger & Time: 54.6V / 6A – 4 Hours

✔️ Rated Incline: 12-degree gradient

✔️ Peak Torque: 65 Nm

✔️ Suspension: Front – 43mm Telescopic, Rear – Heavy Duty Shocks

✔️ Wheel Size: 10″x3.00″ (Front) & 10″x3.00″ (Rear)

✔️ Max Payload: Footboard – 20 kgs rated (50 kgs Max*), Carrier – 15 kgs (25 kgs max*)

✔️ Chassis Material: High-strength steel

✔️ Kerb Weight: 55 kgs

The inGO Flee 2.0 comes with a range of extras like a two-seat option, a 10-inch LCD with a battery gauge, improved suspension, wider front wheels for safety, durable tubeless tires, and a connected vehicle platform for easy monitoring and tracking.

Availability and Expansion:

This snazzy ride will hit the market on December 1, 2023. InGo Electric has already sold 200 bikes and plans to increase production to 500 bikes per month in Hosur, aiming for 1500 bikes monthly.