Ionage aims to onboard 1 lakh EV chargers on its platform by 2028

The ambitious goal of Bengaluru-based e-mobility service provider Ionage is to bring 100,000 electric vehicle chargers onto its platform by 2028.

This startup claims a leading role in pioneering inventive e-mobility solutions designed to cater to the varied requirements of businesses and consumers. Their offerings strive to elevate the ownership journey for both electric vehicle charger network operators and EV users. The company recently unveiled India’s first digital solar-powered EV charging platform, facilitating EV charging through solar credits at any time and location.

Ionage is set to grow by adding another 3000 charge stations soon, bringing its current list of 3,000 charge sites nationwide. It has also stated that one of its goals is to incorporate a network of more than 100,000 EV chargers into its roaming platform. By 2028, this program hopes to enable more than 10,000 small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to get involved in the EV charging industry. Ionage and SundayGrid formed a strategic alliance earlier this year to introduce India’s first-ever solar energy-powered EV charging innovation.

“Our mission is to democratize the EV charging ecosystem and accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles throughout India. Our products are strategically designed to connect and integrate the currently disintegrated EV charging infrastructure, paving the way for a seamless and accessible network. We are dedicated to addressing and reducing the existing frictions in the EV charging market, with the ultimate goal of eliminating barriers and enhancing the overall EV ownership experience, playing our part in shaping the future of electric mobility in India.”

Vimal Kumar V, CEO, Ionage said,

As part of its robust partner network, the company lists MG Motors India, 82Volt, Goego Network, Mobilane, Verdemobility, and other well-known EV manufacturers and Fortune 500 Oil Marketing Company as some of its notable partners. With more than 70,000 members successfully onboarded, the platform has demonstrated its popularity and usefulness with roughly 15,000 Monthly Active members (MAUs).