Jeep plans to launch its first electric SUV, the Wagoneer S, by 2025

Jeep has unveiled the interior of their upcoming all-electric SUV, the 2025 Wagoneer S. This vehicle marks a significant step for Jeep, as it is their first dedicated battery electric vehicle for the home market. The Wagoneer S combines modern design elements with iconic Jeep features, offering a glimpse into the future of the brand’s electric vehicle lineup.

Exterior Design

Previously, Jeep had revealed the exterior of the Wagoneer S, which drew comparisons to the Range Rover Velar due to its sleek design. Notable features include slim headlamps, a sharply raked rear windshield, and the classic seven-slot grille, which is now illuminated, adding a contemporary touch to this iconic design.

Stellantis’ BEV-specific Platform

The Wagoneer S is built on the STLA-Large platform, developed by Jeep’s parent company, Stellantis. This platform is notable for its versatility, as it can support front-wheel drive (FWD), all-wheel drive (AWD), and rear-wheel drive (RWD) configurations. It is also designed to accommodate two sizes of battery packs: 85 kilowatt-hours or 118 kWh. The Wagoneer S is expected to feature a larger battery, although the exact range remains unconfirmed.

Interior Features and Technology

The interior of the Wagoneer S is a showcase of digital technology. It boasts four large screens across the dashboard: a digital gauge cluster, a central infotainment display, a dedicated screen for the co-driver, and a fourth screen for climate, seat, and massage functions. The infotainment system was notably playing “Moment of Surrender” by Nick Mulvey, reflecting Jeep’s attention to detail. This layout follows the trend of passenger displays in luxury and premium electric vehicles (EVs).

Driving Experience and Controls

The Wagoneer S features a drive-selector knob with a metallic finish and a terrain selector offering various modes, including Sand, Snow, Eco, Auto, and Sport. These controls are elegantly integrated into a piano black panel on the central console. Additionally, the SUV includes a dual-pane panoramic sunroof and a McIntosh 19-speaker audio system, enhancing the driving experience.

Performance Specifications

Jeep has announced that the Wagoneer S will have 600 horsepower and can accelerate from 0-60 miles per hour in just 3.5 seconds, positioning it among the fastest electric SUVs. This level of performance, coupled with the vehicle’s advanced features, suggests that the Wagoneer S may be positioned in the higher end of the market.

Launch and Market Competition

The launch of the Wagoneer S is set for the fall of 2024. It aims to compete with other electric SUVs like the BMW iX and Rivian R1S. As the release date approaches, more details about this exciting new addition to Jeep’s lineup are expected to emerge.