Joy E-Bike Ventures into Hydrogen Scooters, Aims for Global Reach

Wardwizard Innovations & Mobility, renowned for its electric two-wheelers under the brand ‘Joy e-bike’ and three-wheelers under ‘Joy e-rik’, is poised for an expansive leap into next-generation technology.

Spearheading this charge is Sanjay Sablok, the President of Operations, who envisions the introduction of an electric scooter powered by hydrogen within the next two to three years. This strategic move aligns seamlessly with the industry’s burgeoning interest in hydrogen fuel cell technology, already under scrutiny for larger vehicles by major manufacturers.

The proposed hydrogen scooter boasts a commendable 50-kilometer range, fueled by an external electrolyzer. Sablok elucidates the mechanism, highlighting how the electrolyzer charges the tank, which in turn powers the hydrogen fuel cell within the scooter, propelling the engine forward.

Simultaneously, Wardwizard Innovations is ambitiously broadening its array of electric vehicles across both high- and low-speed categories. However, Sablok emphasizes the indispensable role of ongoing government support to catalyze widespread EV adoption in India. Challenges persist in battery technology, charging infrastructure, and cost competitiveness, especially with formidable players like China driving price competition.

The company’s current manufacturing stronghold in Baroda, Gujarat, sprawls across 8–10 acres, boasting an annual capacity of approximately 4 lakh units. Looking ahead, Wardwizard Innovations plans to establish a new 100-acre EV ancillary cluster in Gujarat, emphasizing operational consolidation and maximizing output from existing facilities.

In a recent milestone, Wardwizard Innovations inaugurated its new assembly line facility for electric two-wheelers in Deoghar, Jharkhand. Spanning 15,000 sq. ft., this facility will complement the Vadodara factory, focusing on assembling high- and low-speed electric two-wheelers. With an initial annual target surpassing 20,000 units, the new facility aims to cater to escalating demand in Eastern and Northern India, as well as Nepal’s export market.

“Our strategy prioritizes optimizing the utilization of our existing facility before contemplating expansion,”

affirms Sablok, emphasizing the company’s commitment to strategic growth and operational excellence.