Kia Launches K-Charge Initiative with Over 1000 Charging Stations Across India

Kia Launches K-Charge Initiative with Over 1000 Charging Stations Across India

Kia India, a top car company, just introduced something cool called K-Charge in their ‘MyKia’ app. It helps people find more than 1000 charging stations for electric cars all over the country. The best part? Even if you don’t drive a Kia, you can still use it! Kia is doing this to help all electric car users in India feel less worried about running out of battery.

Kia teamed up with five companies that own charging stations: Statiq, ChargeZone, Relux Electric, Lion Charge, and E-Fill. They also made a special deal with Relux Electric, so Kia customers can charge their cars for free at Relux Electric stations for three months. These companies are experts in electric car charging, making sure everything is safe and reliable. NumoCity Technologies, a leader in tech services, is the one putting all these features in the ‘MyKia’ app.

Now, with these new features, electric car users can do a lot more using just one app. They can easily find charging stations on a map, check if there’s an available slot, choose preferences, and even pay through the app’s wallet service. Everything is made simpler and more convenient, thanks to technology. Kia wants to make owning an electric car a better experience for everyone.

“K-Charge is not just a convenience initiative for our customers but a step towards making sustainable mobility convenient and accessible for everyone. We strongly believe that the technology transition towards a complete EV future ought to be smooth, and the K-Charge, integrated into the ‘MyKia’ app, is a well-thought-out step in that direction. With this aim, we will continue our efforts towards expanding the charging network through the onboarding of new CPOs in the future. We are confident that seamless, user-friendly solutions like these will play a pivotal role in accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles in India.”

Mr. Hardeep Singh Brar, National Head of Sales and Marketing – Kia India, said,

In India, Kia has already shared its EV strategy, which lays out the launch of global EV models in India along with a locally manufactured EV in the RV body style by 2030. Kia hopes to achieve an annual sales target of one million EVs by 2026 and expand that to 1.6 million units annually by 2030 with the help of the launch of various long-range BEVs. Through its recently introduced vision, “EV for All,” which encompasses the K-Charge initiative.