KPIT Technologies Set to Acquire 13% of N-Dream, a Zurich-Based In-Car Gaming Platform

KPIT Technologies Set to Acquire 13% of N-Dream, a Zurich-Based In-Car Gaming Platform

New Delhi: KPIT Technologies, a well-known software integration partner in the automotive and transportation industries, is preparing to purchase a 13% share in N-Dream AG, a young business that specializes in cloud-based game aggregation platforms and is situated in Switzerland. KPIT can grow its ownership further under the terms of the agreement. 

By December 15, 2023, the 13% equity ownership deal is expected to close, and KPIT has committed to investing EUR 3 million in N-Dream. During their meeting on November 9, 2023, the KPIT Technologies Board of Directors approved this transaction. 

N-Dream, a leader in the in-vehicle gaming space, provides automobile OEMs all over the world with a tested Cloud-based game aggregation platform that includes data services. 

N-Dream recorded a turnover of CHF 1.99 million as of December 31, 2022, a significant rise from CHF 0.865 million in 2021 and CHF 0.784 million in 2020. 

The business, which is based in Zurich, hopes to transform the in-car entertainment market by bringing the USD 152 billion mobile gaming market to living room TVs and car entertainment systems through the use of Cloud OTA (over-the-air) technology. 

N-Dream’s cloud-based in-car gaming aggregation platform offers a wide variety of casual game genres, including sports, racing, and entertainment. One of its products that stands out is AirConsole, which is targeted at the automobile sector. There are now 19 workers at N-Dream. 

This calculated move supports KPIT’s plan to enable automakers to improve the driving and passenger experience in the Cockpit of the Future. 

KPIT plans to provide N-Dream’s automotive clients with supplementary software integration and validation services. The goal of the two organizations’ partnership is to provide automobile OEMs with value-added data products that will enable the development of new, monetizable features and experiences. This project is a big step in determining how driving and in-car entertainment will develop in the future.