Leap Unveils 32 BMW iX Electric Vehicles for Eco-Friendly Luxury Travel

Leap has recently expanded its fleet with the addition of 32 BMW iX electric vehicles, a move that underscores its dedication to fostering sustainable luxury transportation. This procurement marks the largest single order of BMW iX cars for BMW India, showcasing Leap’s steadfast commitment to promoting eco-friendly commuting practices nationwide.

The ceremonial handover of these electric vehicles took place at the prestigious BMW Group India Training Centre. During the event, Vikram Pawah, President of BMW Group India, handed over the keys to Robin Mann, Managing Director of Leap, in the presence of distinguished guests and industry leaders.

The BMW iX electric vehicles represent a perfect fusion of premium mobility and emission-free driving. They offer agility, an extended range, and luxurious spaciousness while prioritizing sustainability throughout their lifecycle. Utilizing natural and recyclable materials and produced with 100% green electricity, the BMW iX continues to lead as India’s preferred luxury electric vehicle.

“The remarkable sales performance of the BMW iX solidifies its position as the foremost electric luxury vehicle in India. This momentous occasion not only signifies the delivery of 32 BMW iX electric vehicles to Leap but also signifies our joint commitment to advancing sustainable mobility and luxury travel in India.”

Vikram Pawah, President of BMW Group India, expressed.

“Leap’s mission as India’s first luxury transport service dedicated to sustainability is to set a new benchmark in the industry. The integration of the BMW iX into our fleet signifies a significant stride towards a greener future. We are excited to offer our discerning clientele the epitome of luxury electric mobility, enriching their travel experiences while contributing to environmental preservation.”

Robin Mann, Managing Director of Leap, said.

Leap’s all-electric fleet underscores its dedication to safety, luxury, and innovation, providing clients with the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint without compromising on comfort or style. With the addition of BMW iX electric vehicles, Leap reaffirms its commitment to driving the transition towards a more sustainable future in luxury travel across India.

Content Credit: EV Mechanica