LG Energy Solution and Qualcomm Aim to Create Cutting-Edge Battery Management Systems

LG Energy Solution unveiled its plans to investigate potential collaboration opportunities with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. for the development of cutting-edge battery management system (BMS) diagnostic tools.

This initiative aims to leverage LG Energy Solution’s prowess in battery diagnostics alongside the capabilities of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon® Digital ChassisTM platform, aiming to forge a superior BMS solution that could significantly prolong the lifespan of vehicle batteries.

The proposed collaboration seeks to harness the Snapdragon Digital Chassis platform’s computing capabilities to achieve a more than 80-fold increase in computational power. This boost, combined with additional AI processing units, would be directed towards enhancing BMS applications and advancing battery analysis through AI innovations.

Furthermore, LG Energy Solution is considering the integration of AI hardware and software from the Snapdragon Digital Chassis into its BMS diagnostic solutions. This shift marks a departure from traditional BMS software, which relies on lower-performance hardware, towards a solution where sophisticated battery algorithms can operate in real-time within vehicles.

This is made possible by the high-performance capabilities of the Snapdragon Digital Chassis platforms, which are already in use in vehicles. The enhanced BMS solution would incorporate LG’s advanced battery technology with AI-driven hardware and software from the Snapdragon Digital Chassis, offering cutting-edge functionalities such as edge AI-based BMS features that operate independently of server communication.

“Our work with Qualcomm Technologies intends to create differentiated customer value by enabling real-time battery health diagnosis as well as the development of battery management solutions that are directly linked to driving information,”

said Hyuksung Chung, Vice President of Business Development Group at LG Energy Solution.

BMS plays a crucial role in ensuring a safe and efficient battery usage environment for users. It processes diverse data, including current, voltage, and temperature, to optimize performance and facilitate sophisticated battery utilization, like early problem detection and prevention.

The push for advanced battery diagnostic solutions gains momentum as vehicles evolve into lifestyle hubs for entertainment and shopping, and as the era of electric vehicles, favoring batteries over internal combustion engines, draws nearer.

LG Energy Solution, with its unmatched technical leadership, has secured over 7,000 BMS-related patents and amassed extensive empirical data on battery usage through decades of experience in the battery manufacturing sector. The company’s unique battery analysis algorithms are based on real-world data from about 100,000 electric vehicles and the examination of more than 10,000 batteries in actual usage conditions. This foundation enables the company to achieve a safety detection accuracy rate of 90%, the highest in the industry.

This collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies is expected to enrich LG Energy Solution’s offering to global automakers with more sophisticated and advanced battery diagnostic solutions. As the electric vehicle market grows, so does the importance of effective and safe battery management, a domain where LG Energy Solution, in partnership with Qualcomm Technologies, aims to provide unmatched value to customers.

Jason Park, Senior Director of Marketing at Qualcomm CDMA Technologies Korea, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration with LG Energy Solution, emphasizing the goal of transforming vehicle power management and efficiency through innovative BMS solutions that combine high computing power and on-device operations. This partnership is poised to support automakers in creating intelligent, more eco-friendly, and sustainable vehicles.