Log9 and TORK Motors Join Forces for Seamless Charging Infrastructure Integration

Log9 and TORK Motors Join Forces for Seamless Charging Infrastructure Integration

Log9 and TORK Motors are teaming up to make it easier for people to charge their electric vehicles. They’re part of the Bharat Charge Alliance (BCA), and together, they want to promote a standard way of fast charging at low voltages for the next generation.

This means that if you own a TORK Motors or Log9 vehicle, you’ll be able to use chargers and networks from either company, following the BCA’s set standards. These standards were released by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) in 2021 to ensure compatibility and efficiency.

Log9 has rolled out Type 6-Bharat LEV fast charging for its latest battery platforms in the 2W/3W category. Type 6 is set to be the go-to fast charging standard for the next generation, with several original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) adopting it.

The partnership guarantees that both organisations will decide upon and execute all technology updates—including protocols, connectors, and payment gateways—guaranteeing long-term interoperability.

Customers of both companies will be able to charge their vehicles on each other’s public charging networks due to the joint efforts to promote BCA’s LEV DC interoperable charging infrastructure. In addition, customers of other OEMs implementing the IS 17017-2-6 & IS 17017-25 standard will also benefit from access to this combined charging network.

“Bharat LEV or type 6 technology introduced by the govt. will help in standardizing fast charging across platforms, and Log9 has developed grounds-up charging control systems to adopt this technology across its platforms.”

Kartik Hajela, COO-Log9, emphasized the significance of standardizing low voltage fast charging platforms

“We have always advocated the importance of interoperability through the Bharat Charge Alliance initiative and are working towards establishing a comprehensive charging infrastructure that transcends manufacturers and benefits EV users across the country.”

Commenting on the partnership, Kapil Shelke, Founder & CEO – TORK Motors, highlighted its significance, saying

Content Credit: ET Auto