Log9 launches India's first commercial Li-ion cell manufacturing line

Log9 launches India’s first commercial Li-ion cell manufacturing line

Log9 is a company that makes new kinds of batteries. On Friday, they opened a new factory in Bengaluru where they will make li-ion cells. Li-ion cells are a type of battery that can store a lot of energy.

The factory is the first of its kind in India and it can make 50 MWh of li-ion cells every year. MWh is a unit that measures how much energy a battery can store.

Log9 said on LinkedIn that they are very proud of their factory and that they want to make India a leader in clean energy by 2070.

Last year, Log9 also showed their TiB cells, which are another type of battery that they have made themselves.

The picture shows the factory where Log9 will make li-ion cells.

Log9’s CEO, Akshay Singhal, said that their batteries are made for India and its people. They can work well in different weather and places. He said that their batteries will help India use more electric vehicles, which are good for the environment.

Log9 has already put their batteries in about 3,000 electric vehicles, which have traveled more than 5.5 million kilometers.

Log9 has offices in many cities in India, such as Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, and more.

Log9 also started a program called “Log9 Rise” to teach students and researchers about battery technologies.

Content Credit: ETN