Maruti Suzuki Set to Debut First Electric Vehicle via NEXA Outlets

Maruti Suzuki, a dominant force in India’s automobile market, is set to make a significant leap into the electric vehicle (EV) sector with the launch of its first EV, the eVX, in 2025. This pioneering move will be facilitated through NEXA, Maruti Suzuki’s upscale retail channel, which has been the face of the company’s luxury offerings since its inception in 2015.

As per reports from The Hindu Business Line on March 26, the eVX is a product of meticulous design by Suzuki Motor Corporation in Japan and promises an impressive performance with a 60kWh battery pack capable of delivering a range of up to 550 km on a single charge.

This strategic entry into the electric SUV market is part of Maruti Suzuki’s broader objective to diversify and strengthen its portfolio in the SUV segment, aiming to command a 50% market share in India, a significant leap from its current standing of 22%. The company has historically dominated the non-SUV sector, boasting a 65% market share, thanks to its comprehensive lineup that includes popular models like Jimny, Fronx, Brezza, and Grand Vitara. These models have already contributed to a notable surge in sales, indicating a favorable response from the market.

Moreover, Maruti Suzuki’s ambition extends beyond domestic success; the company is eyeing the global stage with plans to export the eVX as a made-in-India product to prestigious markets such as Europe and Japan. This move underscores the company’s commitment to innovation and its vision of playing a pivotal role in the EV revolution.

NEXA, since its launch, has become a hallmark of luxury for Maruti Suzuki, with a presence in over 200 towns and cities across India and serving more than one million customers. Through NEXA, Maruti Suzuki has not only elevated its brand but also enriched the Indian automotive landscape with premium, high-quality offerings. As the EV market continues to grow, the eVX through NEXA represents Maruti Suzuki’s readiness to meet the evolving needs of customers and spearhead the transition to sustainable mobility in India and beyond.