Mercedes-Benz teams up with CHARGE+ZONE and Evnnovator for charging solution

Mercedes-Benz teams up with CHARGE+ZONE and Evnnovator for charging solution

CHARGE+ZONE and Evnnovator are two companies that help electric vehicles (EVs) charge their batteries. They have joined hands with Mercedes-Benz, a famous car maker, to offer a better charging service in India. Mercedes-Benz already has many charging stations in India, and now they are connected with more stations run by Evnnovator, the statement said.

This means that EV users can find and use about 500 charging points across India through the FICH app, it added. Mercedes-Benz has the biggest and best charging service among luxury car makers in India.

“We have collaborated with Evnnovator, onboarding the charging infrastructure of our franchise partners across India, on their FICH application. This application ensures seamless access to our pan-India fast charging solutions,” Santosh Iyer, Managing Director and CEO at Mercedes-Benz India said, adding that “we have opened our charging infrastructure to all EV users through this app.” Evnnovator’s eMSP (e-mobility service provider) platform offers FICH EV charging app, which enables users to seamlessly locate, access, and pay for charging services offered by multiple charge point operators (CPOs) such as CHARGE+ZONE through a single platform.

“Whether our customers are seeking a charging point from various CPOs or navigating the complexities of the EV charging landscape, our platform simplifies the process, ensuring a convenient and efficient experience, said Rai Nitin Chitransh, the founder of Evnnovator.

CHARGE+ZONE has a cloud-based software called charge Cloud, which connects the fast EV chargers of Mercedes-Benz partners with Evnnovator’s eMSP platform, the statement said.

By using the power of Mercedes-Benz India’s big and fast charging service, Evnnovator’s eMSP platform, and our charge cloud software, we have created a modern and green EV charging system in India, Kartikey Hariyani, the boss of CHARGE+ZONE said.