MG Motor India Unveils Electric Cyberster Sports Car

MG Motor India’s latest venture into the electric vehicle market is the unveiling of its much-anticipated Cyberster sportscar. This introduction promises to blend tradition with innovation, showcasing the company’s prowess in crafting vehicles that captivate and perform. Here’s a detailed exploration of the Cyberster, broken down into key aspects including price, speed, range, design and interior, and concluding with an overall analysis.

Price and Launch Date

Projected to enter international markets by mid-2024, the Cyberster positions itself as an “affordable” sports car. With an anticipated starting price of around £50,000 (approximately Rs 53 lakh), it aims to offer a compelling option not just globally but also in the Indian market. This price point reflects MG Motor India’s strategy to make high-performance electric sports cars more accessible to a broader audience.

Speed and Performance

MG Motor India offers the Cyberster in two variants: the all-wheel-drive (AWD) and the rear-wheel-drive (RWD). The AWD variant is equipped with a powerful 77 kWh battery pack, supporting two electric motors—one on each axle—delivering a formidable 535 hp. This setup enables the AWD Cyberster to accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in just 3.2 seconds. The RWD version, with its 64 kWh battery and a single electric motor, focuses on balancing performance with efficiency, offering a slightly toned-down power output.


The AWD model boasts a maximum range of 580 km under the CLTC cycle, while the RWD variant isn’t far behind, offering a range of 520 km. This capability ensures that the Cyberster is not just a performance vehicle but also a practical choice for longer journeys.

The Cyberster’s Interior and Design

💠 Interior Focus

The Cyberster’s interior showcases a dedication to a driver-centric design ethos. It is equipped with a flat-bottomed steering wheel, adorned with an array of buttons, and surrounded by three digital screens that cocoon the driver, providing an immersive interface for both infotainment and critical driving information.

Nestled in the center console is an additional screen, accompanied by tactile controls dedicated to adjusting the roof, selecting the drive mode, and managing climate settings. A distinctive grab handle elegantly demarcates the driver and passenger zones, while the cabin’s design language, inspired by contemporary gaming aesthetics, infuses a modern and sophisticated vibe into the space.

💠 Exterior Elegance

Externally, the Cyberster is a testament to the storied sporting legacy of MG, articulated through its stylish and aerodynamic two-door convertible form. It presents a sleek silhouette that harmoniously blends classic proportions with a modern design philosophy. The car’s front end captivates with its sweeping lines, slender headlights, and assertive bumper. Detailing such as the petal-shaped alloy wheels, fabric soft-top, and avant-garde scissor doors amplify its enchanting appeal. Along the sides, smooth contours, robust rear haunches, and distinctive door handles sculpt its profile, leading to a rear ensemble characterized by arrow-shaped tail-lights, an expansive light bar, and a segmented diffuser, all contributing to its dynamic and sporty character.


MG Motor India’s unveiling of the Cyberster marks a significant milestone in the brand’s journey, blending its rich sports car legacy with the forefront of electric vehicle technology. From its striking design and impressive performance to its practical range and thoughtful interior, the Cyberster is set to make a strong impact upon its official release. As the automotive world moves increasingly towards sustainable mobility, the Cyberster stands as a symbol of MG’s dedication to innovation, performance, and environmental responsibility.