Montra Electric Collaborates with RAAHI Project to Promote Sustainable Mobility

Montra Electric, the electric vehicle (EV) arm of the Murugappa Group, has been chosen as one of the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for the Rejuvenation of Auto-rickshaws in Amritsar through Holistic Intervention (RAAHI) project.

This initiative forms a vital part of the CITIIS program launched by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, aiming to revolutionize urban investments by fostering innovation, integration, and sustainability.

The RAAHI project, initiated in 2019, sets out to replace over 12,000 aging diesel-powered three-wheelers. The selection of beneficiaries is meticulously carried out by the Amritsar Smart City Ltd team. Each beneficiary enrolled in the RAAHI program is entitled to a subsidy of INR 1,40,000. Opting to purchase the Montra Electric Super Auto outright enables the entire subsidy to be credited to their account.

Furthermore, this subsidy is provided on top of the incentives offered by the FAME scheme. Notably, female drivers stand to receive a 90% subsidy on pink electric autos, with their families eligible for skill development courses from NSDC, as outlined in a company press release.

KK Paul, the Managing Director of TI Clean Mobility (TICMPL), expressed enthusiasm for participating in the RAAHI Project as an OEM partner. The company eagerly anticipates supplying its advanced electric three-wheelers to beneficiaries as part of this initiative. Acknowledging the crucial role of three-wheelers in facilitating last-mile transportation, Montra Electric is committed to enhancing last-mile mobility through innovative design and superior performance. The company’s eco-friendly mobility solutions are poised to revolutionize transportation across India.

The RAAHI project’s primary goal is to decrease city air pollution levels, constituting a key component of CITIIIS. This comprehensive initiative encompasses six interconnected elements: establishing numerous electric vehicle charging stations, bolstering the three-wheeler industry, creating employment opportunities, enhancing pedestrian safety, improving first and last-mile connectivity, and promoting cleaner air quality.

Prospective drivers aiming to benefit from the RAAHI program must be members of the Amritsar Auto-Rickshaw Drivers Cooperative Society. They must possess either an Aadhaar card or a voter card, along with the registration certificate for their previous auto, a valid driver’s license, and a membership slip from the society.