Neuron Energy Collaborates with Urja Mobility to Offer Battery Leasing Solutions

A renowned producer of EV batteries, Neuron Energy, has teamed up with Urja Mobility, a company that leases batteries for the launch of commercial EVs.

Neuron Energy has promised to supply 2,400 battery packs for electric vehicles in the L5 category and 10,000 battery packs for electric vehicles in the L3 category from March 2024 until the end of the following year.

For Neuron Energy, this cooperation is anticipated to yield substantial revenue in the L3 and L5 categories, with an approximate value of Rs 100 crore. This collaborative partnership is a big step in the right direction for improving environmentally friendly transportation options, particularly for last-mile deliveries.

As per the agreement, Neuron Energy will sell cutting-edge, premium battery packs to Urja Mobility, which is supported by Mufin Green Finance. Subsequently, 3Eco, a company that specializes in hyper-local connection solutions designed to provide effective last-mile delivery services to many e-commerce enterprises, would lease these battery packs.

Over thirty months, Neuron Energy has maintained a close relationship with 3EV, providing more than a thousand battery packs that are presently being used in their fleet in several cities. Remarkably, 3Eco runs its in-house fleet in big cities including Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, and Coimbatore.

“Our collaboration with Urja Mobility signifies a significant shift in the EV industry. Building upon the strong relationship and trust established with 3EV, we are grateful for the opportunity to further enhance our partnership. This empowerment allows 3EV and 3Eco to concentrate solely on production and last-mile delivery, thereby fostering substantial volume growth.”

Pratik Kamdar, CEO & Co-Founder, Neuron Energy said.

“We are excited about the opportunity with Neuron Energy, which offers cutting-edge technology in li-ion batteries and Urja Mobility specialises in the battery leasing business. This collaboration enables us to transform Capex into Smart Opex, offering flexible lease terms ranging from 12 to 36 months. We have witnessed 3Eco Systems’ transformation from a last-mile operator to a Logistics Player. Their emphasis on local thinking and operational efficiency is particularly impressive, and we look forward to collaborating with them and Neuron Energy to drive sustainable solutions in the EV industry.”

Pankaj Chopra, Founder, Urja Mobility said.

Content Credit: Express Mobility