Oben Electric launches first experience centre in India

Oben Electric launches first experience centre in India

The first company-owned experience center for Oben Electric has launched in Bengaluru’s HSR Layout. The Oben Rorr, the company’s flagship electric motorcycle, is featured in a 3000-square foot area of the Oben Electric Experience Center. The experience center was officially launched on Thursday, August 31, 2023, and shortly after that, it began accepting visitors.

Oben Electric wants to transform how customers connect with electric vehicles by fusing futuristic design with cutting-edge customer interaction technologies. Moto Live, Moto X, Moto Rack, and Moto Zen are the four primary areas of the Oben experience center.

The experience center’s focal point, Moto Live, was created to give visitors a fun environment in which to interact with a live product for the first time while simultaneously learning about its essential features and specs.

As part of the ongoing customer experience, Moto X gives users the chance to explore and get a close-up look at the essential parts, both physically and virtually. This enables fans to learn about the characteristics that distinguish Oben Rorr from other smartphones. Advanced technologies like interactive and wireless displays and augmented reality enable the exploration, creating an immersive, educational, and memorable experience.

Moto Zen is a specialized customer lounge that provides a cozy café atmosphere with a chance for consumers to unwind and facilitates interesting conversations with the brand or among the customer community, where people can share their ideas about Oben Rorr and electric mobility. The Moto Rack, which displays a variety of goods and accessories, is last but certainly not least.

The founder and CEO of Oben Electric, Madhumita Agrawal, commented on the debut, saying, “Entering our first experience center in Bengaluru feels like seeing a dream come true. Our experience center sets new standards in the field of electric transportation and represents our commitment to innovation and client care.

She added, “The showroom’s immersive design and cutting-edge technology mirror our brand values while offering a platform for enthusiasts to explore, learn, and engage. We’re thrilled to invite everyone to join the new age of EV lifestyle with Oben Electric.”

The first phase of a larger expansion strategy began with this showroom. By the end of this fiscal year, Oben Electric plans to expand its footprint to include all major cities in India, open more FOFO (Franchise Owned, Franchise Operated) experience centers throughout Bengaluru, and ensure that a wider audience has access to its ground-breaking performance electric motorcycle.

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