Okaya EV and Bluwheelz to launch 5,000 electric scooters in India

Okaya EV and Bluwheelz to launch 5,000 electric scooters in India

Okaya EV, a producer of electric two-wheelers, and Bluwheelz, a logistics firm, have signed a contract. By September 2023, the pair hopes to have deployed 1,000 electric two-wheelers in the last-mile logistics sector as part of their agreement. Beginning in Delhi, Jaipur, and Bhubaneswar, this deployment will eventually scale up to about 5,000 EVs over the course of the following two years.

In order to meet the needs of first- and last-mile logistics, the latter provides Fleet as a Service with an emphasis on electric vehicles.

On the other side, Okaya has plans to increase its customer base and after-sales support in more than 40 cities over the course of the next year.

Okaya sold 1,148 electric two-wheelers in August, a 46.4 percent MoM increase over the 784 units the company sold the month before. The EV manufacturer already sells seven electric scooters, but it soon plans to introduce a brand-new item. ‘MotoFaast’ is its name.

Following a revision to the FAME-II subsidies by the Ministry of Heavy Industries in June, sales of electric two-wheelers experienced a brief decline. Nearly all of the top producers of electric two-wheelers declared price increases for their goods as a result of the new subsidies.

However, the market segment appears to be resuming its development trajectory after a brief dip in adoption due to the price increase. Okaya EV was successful in selling four digits of EVs in May. But in May 2023, when 3,876 units were sold, it had its best sales results.

About Okaya Group

Okaya EV is a company that specializes in electric vehicles, EV batteries, charging, and battery swapping solutions. It is a part of the Okaya Group, which has a legacy of four decades in the battery manufacturing industry. Okaya EV aims to provide affordable, sustainable, and clean mobility through its zero-emission electric two-wheelers.

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