Okaya EV Launches Ferrato: A New Premium Electric Two-Wheeler Brand

Okaya EV, a leading player in India’s electric vehicle industry, has recently introduced Ferrato, its new luxury brand dedicated to electric two-wheelers. This strategic move marks a pivotal moment for the company as it aims to cater to the upscale segment of the market with its premium electric motorcycles and scooters.

Ferrato is set to launch its exclusive customer experience centers, offering a sophisticated product lineup that targets the top-tier of the market with its high-end models. This initiative is a testament to Okaya EV’s commitment to pushing the envelope in innovation, ensuring that each product under the Ferrato brand not only delivers an exceptional riding experience but also embodies intelligence, durability, and power.

Scheduled for release in the fiscal year 2024–2025, Ferrato’s lineup will include three electric motorcycles and one electric scooter. This selection underscores the brand’s focus on appealing to consumers with a keen interest in cutting-edge technology and innovation. Ferrato aims to captivate a niche market segment that values the blend of advanced technology with high performance in their electric two-wheelers.

Dr. Anshul Gupta, Managing Director of Okaya Electric Vehicles, expressed his enthusiasm for the launch of Ferrato, stating that the brand’s inception is a significant leap forward for Okaya EV in its mission to enrich the sustainable mobility sector.

Dr. Gupta highlighted the brand’s objective to offer a premium experience to its customers, signifying a crucial development in Okaya EV’s journey towards enhancing its presence in the electric vehicle market. With plans to establish over 100+ partnership networks for Ferrato, Okaya EV is dedicated to positioning the brand as the epitome of luxury and performance in the electric two-wheeler sector. The company is determined to provide an unparalleled level of service through a dedicated team responsible for sales, customer operations, and service centers, aiming to make Ferrato the top choice for discerning riders who prioritize a seamless integration of passion and performance in their electric mobility solutions.