Omega Seiki and Attero Team Up to Transform EV Industry and Advance Battery Recycling

Omega Seiki and Attero Team Up to Transform EV Industry and Advance Battery Recycling

Omega Seiki Private Limited, a famous name in electric vehicles (EVs), and Attero, experts in recycling e-waste and lithium-ion batteries, have teamed up. They’ve agreed to work together to improve the way electric vehicles and their batteries are recycled.

Omega Seiki has more than 10,000 electric vehicles being used, and Attero will help recycle their batteries for storing energy. This partnership shows their commitment to taking care of EV batteries from start to finish and promoting environmentally friendly battery solutions. They plan to use over 1 GWh of EV batteries in the next five years and aim to recycle more than 100 MWh of batteries with Attero in the next 3-4 years, focusing on being sustainable and protecting the environment.

Attero has a top-notch facility that can handle 145,000 metric tons of e-waste and 11,000 metric tons of battery waste every year, and they’re planning to increase this capacity. This is important for dealing with the environmental issues caused by the increasing number of electric vehicle parts being made and thrown away. Attero is a leader in recycling lithium-ion batteries and managing e-waste, holding over 45 global patents.

Omega Seiki has made all its plants run on solar power to make sure they use clean energy, aiming to have no net release of carbon. They also push their suppliers to use sustainable practices and recycle all their waste, showing how important waste management is for a green future.

“Waste management plays a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of Omega Seiki Private Limited. Through our collaboration with Attero, we reaffirm our dedication to environmental stewardship, aiming to set industry benchmarks in conscientious battery waste management while propelling advancements in EV technology.”

Mr. Uday Narang, the founder of Omega Seiki, emphasized.

With this strategic partnership, OSPL and Attero’s influence now spans ASEAN and Africa in addition to India. By establishing new benchmarks for sustainable operations and responsible e-waste management in the electric vehicle industry, both businesses hope to contribute to a cleaner, greener future on a worldwide scale. 

“With EV production on the rise, it is becoming critical for India to adopt a sustainable approach to recycling lithium-ion batteries. At Attero, we are excited to collaborate with Omega Seiki, and we believe that this partnership will play a significant role in shaping battery recycling in the future and fostering a more environmentally conscious and sustainable society.”

Mr. Nitin Gupta, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of Attero, expressed confidence in the partnership, stating.

This collaboration between Omega Seiki and Attero marks a big step towards sustainable practices in the EV industry, showing their commitment to tackling environmental challenges with advanced recycling technologies.