Pepper Motion and Collaborators to Set Up $600 Mln EV Manufacturing Plant in Andhra Pradesh

Pepper Motion and Collaborators to Set Up $600 Mln EV Manufacturing Plant in Andhra Pradesh

Pepper Motion GmbH and its partners are teaming up with the government of Andhra Pradesh to change the game in electric vehicles. They’re building a big facility to make electric buses and trucks, taking inspiration from Tesla.

The plan is to not only convert diesel vehicles but also make new ones, with a big focus on making batteries. They’re investing more than $600 million and aim to start working in 2025, producing over 50,000 electric buses and trucks every year from 2027.

They’re using different technologies, like battery-electric drives and Pepper’s new fuel cell-based system. They’re also working on setting up places to charge the vehicles with help from tech partners like Chargebyte. This whole effort fits with India’s goal of supporting new and clean transportation solutions.

Andreas Hager, the big boss at Pepper Motion GmbH, gives a shout-out to the Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy for the support. He also points out that Andhra Pradesh’s ports and industries are a big plus for making this project a success.

A lot of people in India, including state transport companies, private fleet operators, and the commercial vehicle industry, are really interested in this new project. It seems like there’s a big demand for making fleets electric. This company called Pepper has come up with some cool and flexible drive systems, making them a tech leader. They’re aiming to provide solutions for buses and trucks that will stay relevant in the future.

India is a big player in the bus and commercial vehicle market, and this project shows they want to switch to electric vehicles (EVs) for a more sustainable and cost-effective option. The official start of this big collaboration is set for the end of November 2023, where they’ll present the permit to build production facilities in Andhra Pradesh.

This whole project is expected to play a significant role in helping India achieve its goals of having a greener and emission-free transportation system.