Prime Minister Gets a Glimpse of TVS Motor’s Breakthroughs in Mobility

TVS Motor Company, a well-known international automaker that makes two- and three-wheel vehicles, presented the Honorable Prime Minister of India with a selection of cutting-edge mobility technologies at the Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024. This event was a big deal because it showed how good India is at making and designing things, especially things that can move on their own.

TVS Motor Company sells its products in 80 countries and makes almost $1 billion from selling things outside India, which is about 30% of what it sells in a year. They are planning to sell even more to other countries, hoping to make it 50% of their sales. They are proud to show the world what India can do in engineering and technology. The company wants to make travel cleaner, more connected, and smarter, which matches India’s goal to be more self-reliant and innovative.

The boss of TVS Motor Company, Sudarshan Venu, thanked the Prime Minister for helping create a good environment for new ideas and growth. He also said the company plans to spend a lot of money (INR 5,000 crores or about USD 600 million) on new technologies and products. TVS is special because it can do everything needed to make electric vehicles (EVs) and connect them to the internet, with over 650 patents for EV stuff and more than 2,000 engineers working on new materials and data science.

At the expo, TVS Motor Company showed many different products, including the Norton motorcycle, which is getting ready to be sold around the world. The company also cares a lot about having women work for them, with many women working on making EV batteries and in research and development.

They also showed off TVS Connected Services, which make riding more fun and easy by connecting bikes to smart devices. They’re also making their factories greener by using renewable energy and collecting rainwater.

Besides, the event talked about the good things TVS does for communities through the Srinivasan Service Trust, helping lots of people in rural areas, and showed e-bikes from EGO Movement.

In summary, TVS Motor Company’s work at the Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024 shows they’re really into making new, sustainable, and smart travel options, which helps India lead in global mobility solutions.