PURE EV Unveils Groundbreaking E-Vehicle Exchange Program, Transforming the Automotive Landscape

PURE EV Unveils Groundbreaking EV Vehicle Exchange Program, Transforming the Automotive Landscape

PURE EV, a big name in electric cars, came up with a cool idea called the EV Vehicle Exchange Program. It’s a new thing in the car world. This program isn’t just for normal gas-powered bikes but also for people who love electric vehicles. It’s a big step forward for electric cars.

In India, there are more than 10 crore ICE 2-wheelers. PURE EV wants to attract these customers by inviting them to bring their old electric or petrol 2-wheelers to PURE EV dealers. Experts at these dealers will check the bikes and take off the value from the price of a new PURE EV bike. This helps people pay for the new bike in smaller instalments without paying a lot upfront.

This move helps both customers and PURE EV stores. It brings in more people to the stores, increasing sales. They’re also trying to attract people who use other electric bikes to switch to PURE EV through this exchange program.

Over a thousand people have already traded their old bikes for new PURE EV ones, getting up to Rs 38,000 based on their old bike’s condition. PURE EV plans to continue this program during the Pongal and Padwa festivals after the success of Dussehra and Diwali. People using traditional bikes and other electric bikes are interested in this offer.

“We are thrilled to witness the overwhelming response to our EV Vehicle Exchange Program during the festive seasons, and we are excited to extend this opportunity to even more consumers during the upcoming Pongal and Padwa festivals. We are proud to announce that PURE is the first EV 2-wheeler brand in India to create the used vehicle market for Electric vehicles. This also proves the company’s capabilities in refurbishing and recycling key components, thereby enabling a circular economy in EV ecosystem.”

Mr. Rohit Vadera, CEO of PURE EV, expressed delight in the overwhelming response.

This innovative strategy not only helps the environment but also changes the EV market by lowering costs and increasing its attractiveness to a larger range of consumers.