RACE Energy partners with Lohum to tackle EV battery waste

RACE Energy partners with Lohum to tackle EV battery waste

  • RACE Energy, a battery swapping company based in Hyderabad, has teamed up with Lohum, a lithium-ion battery maker, recycler, and second-life battery solutions provider, to address the issue of EV battery waste and find new uses for its old batteries.

Lohum, which became the first non-Chinese company to produce pure metallic lithium from recycling using its NEETM multi-stage hydrometallurgical energy transition material recycling technology in September this year, will recycle and refurbish more than 90% of the raw materials from RACE’s used batteries.

Chetan Jain, Senior VP of Lohum, said: “This partnership with RACE allows us to increase the availability of clean energy transition materials for making new batteries through recycling and reduce the need for imported mined primary raw materials to power India’s rapidly growing EV ecosystem through repurposing.”

RACE’s batteries will be given a second life in renewable energy storage, power backup, or possibly be reused for smaller EVs through the new partnership.

Gautham Maheshwaran, Co-Founder of RACE Energy, said: “This partnership with Lohum helps us to prolong the life of swappable battery modules, which will be smoothly moved into beneficial second-life applications. The raw material recovered from the batteries will go into Li-ion cell production, thus creating a circular economy for EV batteries in India.”

RACE Energy opened its battery manufacturing facility in Hyderabad in June – equipped with a 50MWh production plant with a capacity to deploy 30,000 batteries annually. The company claims its unique approach extends battery life by around 40% by equipping the battery and swap station with unique charging algorithms and internal cooling systems.

About RACE Energy

RACE Energy is a company that provides battery swapping solutions for electric vehicles (EVs) in India. It aims to make EVs more affordable and convenient for users by offering swappable battery modules that can be exchanged at its network of swap stations. RACE Energy also has its own battery manufacturing facility and vehicle monitoring platform

About Lohum 

Lohum is a company that makes, recycles, and reuses lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles (EVs) and other applications. It aims to make battery materials more sustainable, affordable, and secure by reducing the dependence on mining and importing raw materials. It also helps to prevent battery waste and greenhouse gas emissions by giving old batteries a second life

Content Credit: ETN