Revamp Moto Partners with Bolt.Earth to Transform Electric Vehicle Performance

Revamp Moto Partners with Bolt.Earth to Transform Electric Vehicle Performance

Revamp Moto and Bolt.Earth is working together. They want to make Revamp’s cars better by adding new technology from Bolt. Earth. This will make the cars work smarter and be more useful for people who drive them.

Pritesh Mahajan, who is the boss at Revamp Moto, is excited about this teamwork. He says Bolt.Earth’s fancy tech matches what Revamp wants to do—make cars that are dependable, easy to change, and stay connected. They’re planning to add cool stuff like better systems to manage the cars and groups of cars, smart screens, and a special app for customers.

This teamwork should help more than 250,000 Revamp customers by 2025. Both companies will benefit from this. The Bolt.Earth system will bring smart abilities to Revamp’s cars. This means cool screens, a great app, and good systems to manage lots of cars. Together, they’re setting a high standard in cars with extra safety, updates you can do through the air, connecting with Bluetooth, and getting detailed info about how you drive.

Jyotiranjan Harichandan, who helped start Bolt.Earth, said teaming up with others is a big deal for them. It means they can share their technology with more people. This collaboration makes use the Bolt.Earth app is easier for everyone and helps both the people who run groups of electric cars and the people who use them. It should make using electric cars better overall. Also, Revamp customers will get to use Bolt.Earth’s big network of charging spots.

They’re working together to control all car settings with one system (VMS) and to manage groups of cars better (Fleet Management System). This teamwork shows how electric cars can get even cooler in the future. They hope that by doing this, electric cars will become a regular thing that everyone uses, not just something special.

About Revamp Moto 

Revamp Moto is an Indian company that develops electric scooters with modular and transformable features. The company was founded by Jayesh Tope, Pushkaraj Salunke and Pritesh Mahajan in 2021. The company received an investment of ₹1 crore from Aman Gupta and Anupam Mittal on Shark Tank India. The company also raised $1 million in a pre-seed funding round led by Veda VC and Venture Catalysts. 

The company recently launched the RM Buddie 25, which it claimed to be the country’s first transformable EV. The RM Buddie 25 can be customized with different attachments such as a child seat, a freezer box, a delivery box, etc. The scooter is priced at ₹66,999 and has a battery warranty of 3 years. The company aims to empower India’s hustlers while accelerating the transition to a zero-emission society.

About Bolt.Earth

Bolt.Earth is a company that provides smart EV charging stations and software solutions for businesses and individuals. It was founded in 2017 by Mohit Yadav and Jyotiranjan Harichandan to make EVs more accessible to everyone, especially in emerging markets with higher densities of 2- and 3-wheeled EVs.

 Bolt.Earth has developed the world’s largest EV charging infrastructure and an advanced OS for electric vehicles, tailored for these markets. Bolt.Earth also offers a mobile app that enables users to locate, pay, and charge their EVs at any of the charging points in the network. Bolt.Earth is a leading player in the EV industry, with partnerships with several OEMs, dealers, and fleets. Bolt.Earth’s vision is to help create a sustainable, clean-energy future with EVs.