Revolt RV 400 vs Tork Kratos: Which Electric Bike Should You Buy?

Revolt RV 400 vs Tork Kratos: Which Electric Bike Should You Buy?

Electric bikes are gaining popularity in India thanks to their eco-friendly, cost-effective, and futuristic features. Two of the most promising electric bikes in the market are the the Revolt RV 400 and Tork Kratos, both of which offer impressive performance, range, and design. But which one is better for you? In this blog, we will compare these two bikes on the basis of price, range, speed, motor type, features, color, and other specifications.


🏷️ Revolt RV 400 (Premium Variant): ₹ 1,34,975

🏷️ Tork Kratos R (Urban Variant): ₹ 1,67,844

Difference: The Revolt RV 400 is more affordable by ₹ 32,869.


🚀 Revolt RV 400: 150 km per charge

🚀 Tork Kratos R: 180 km per charge

Note: Actual range can vary based on riding mode, road conditions, and rider behavior.


🏍 Revolt RV 400: Top speed of 85 kmph

🏍 Tork Kratos R: Top speed of 105 kmph

Actual range can vary based on:

✔️ Riding mode

✔️ Road conditions

✔️ Rider behavior.

Charging Time

🔌 Revolt RV 400: 0–75% in 3 Hours And 0–100% in 4.5 Hours

🔌 Tork Kratos R: Charging at Home 4 hours(From 20% to 80%)

Fast Charge 1.5 km/min(20% to 80% in an hour)

Motor Type & Performance:

🌌 Revolt RV 400: Mid-drive motor, 3 kW power, 50 Nm torque

🌌 Tork Kratos R: Axial flux-PMSM motor, 9 kW power, 38 Nm torque


The Tork Kratos R is more powerful and responsive due to its higher power output.

The Revolt RV 400 offers more agility and smoothness due to its higher torque.

Color Options:

🌈 Revolt RV 400: Cosmic Black, Rebel Red, Neon Black

🌈 Tork Kratos R: Matte Black

Other Specifications:

Revolt RV 400:

🔎 Seat height: 814 mm

🔎 Ground clearance: 215 mm

🔎 Wheelbase: 1350 mm

🔎 Kerb weight: 108 kg

🔎 Front suspension: Upside-down forks

… [and so on]

Tork Kratos R:

🔎 Seat height: 785 mm

🔎 Ground clearance: 165 mm

🔎 Wheelbase: 1336 mm

🔎 Kerb weight: 140 kg

🔎 Front suspension: Hydraulic telescopic fork

… [and so on]

Note: The Revolt RV 400 offers a higher seat height, ground clearance, wheelbase, and longer battery warranty, making it potentially more comfortable, stable, and reliable. On the other hand, the Tork Kratos R boasts a lower kerb weight, larger front brake, and a bigger battery capacity, suggesting it might be more agile, efficient, and durable. The choice between the two would depend on individual preferences and priorities.


Both bikes have their strengths. The Revolt RV 400 is more affordable, offers more torque, and has a longer battery warranty. On the other hand, the Tork Kratos R boasts a higher range, top speed, and power output.

Your choice should align with your priorities. If you’re budget-conscious and value torque, the Revolt RV 400 might be for you. However, if you prioritize range, speed, and power, the Tork Kratos R could be the better option.

Whichever you choose, you’re investing in a sustainable future. Happy e-riding