Rivot Motors Unveils the NX100 Series of Electric Scooters Starting at Rs 89,000

Rivot Motors Unveils the NX100 Series of Electric Scooters Starting at Rs 89,000

Rivot Motors has shown us their new electric scooters called Rivot NX100. These scooters come in five different types to suit different riders (Classic, Premium, Elite, Sports, and Offlander). The prices for these start at Rs 89,000.

The Street Rider version is offered in seven colors: Black, White, Grey, Mineral Green, Pista, Pink, and Purple. It also has three sub-variants: Classic, Premium, and Elite. The top-tier Offlander model is colored Desert, while the Sports model is dual-toned white and orange.

Customers who purchase an electric scooter from Rivot Motors can update their current vehicle by paying the difference. The Rivot NX100 is made fully in Belagavi, Karnataka, in keeping with the “Made in India” campaign.

Being the only electric scooter that can go the full 545 km from Belagavi to Bengaluru with just one recharge stop, the Rivot NX100 breaks previous records.

Customers can increase the range from the 100 km model to the 300 km model as their demands change. With a range of 55–60 kilometers per kilowatt-hour (KWh), Rivot’s motor inverter technology offers energy efficiency in three different configurations. The vehicle’s unique LiMFP battery chemistry, which is specially built for India’s varied temperature extremes, enables optimal performance in those situations. 

Rivot has special bikes for people who like riding on rough paths and powerful bikes. They make these bikes to suit what the customers want. They use a special motor that’s different from other motors. Most motors are either good at low speeds or high speeds, but Rivot’s motor is good at both low and high speeds.

With the RIVOT NX100’s enclosed belt drive, the powertrain is protected from everything the Indian roads throw at it.