Servotech inks Mou with LLOYD Campus to set up EV charging R&D labs and charging station

Servotech inks Mou with LLOYD Campus to set up EV charging R&D labs and charging station

Servotech Power Systems Ltd., the top EV charger maker in India, teamed up with the Lloyd Institute of Engineering and Technology. They’re joining forces to support learning, research, and innovation in EV tech and charging setups.

This partnership means setting up a special lab and centre focused on EV charging technology and infrastructure. Servotech is also offering internships and jobs to trainees from this centre, giving them real-world experience and a chance to explore the industry.

Finally, the company wants to build a charging spot with a 14 kW EV Charger at Lloyd’s place. It’s good for different kinds of vehicles like bikes, trikes, and cars. Students and teachers can use it for free. Others nearby can use it too. This helps everyone and encourages more people to use electric vehicles.

The R&D centre wants to make new things, teach people, and help students learn skills that companies need. They focus on making electric vehicle tech better and how to charge them. They’ll teach, have events, and share what they know in different places. By offering internships and jobs, Servotech connects education and new ideas in industry. Putting in a charging station shows how electric cars can work in real life, getting India closer to using mostly electric cars.

“By leveraging the expertise of Servotech and the academic excellence of the Lloyd Institute, the R&D centre will become a catalyst for groundbreaking technological advancements in the rapidly evolving field of EVs. We look forward to creating a collaborative ecosystem that benefits students, faculty, and industry professionals alike. The R&D centre equipped with cutting-edge facilities is all set to support advanced research projects, testing, and development of EV charging technologies. As the demand for electric vehicles surges globally, the centre is set to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of sustainable mobility, empowering individuals with the expertise needed to drive impactful change in the automotive landscape”

Arun Handa, Chief Technical Officer, of Servotech Power Systems, expressed.

“This MoU represents Industry-Academia collaboration to skill the fresh talent in the area of EV. LIET focuses on skill-based education and has established centres in emerging areas such as EV, Li-ion Batteries, and Drone technology. This collaboration with Servotech Power Systems will give real exposure and develop an understanding of the students of the Institute and the nearby region in the EV sector. Additionally, the centre will act as a hub to cater to the multiple needs of e-mobility along with extending the trained manpower required for Aviation and other Industries. Overall, this step will bring our country closer to its dream of being an EV-powered and mission Viksit Bharat”.

Manohar Thairani, President, Lloyd Institute of Engineering and Technology commented.

Content Credit: PV Magazine