Siemens Teams Up with Desert Technologies to Revolutionize eMobility in Saudi Arabia

Siemens Teams Up with Desert Technologies to Revolutionize eMobility in Saudi Arabia

During Cop28, Desert Technologies and Siemens announced a big partnership to change how electric cars are charged in Saudi Arabia. This team-up fits perfectly with Saudi Arabia’s plan for 2030, making it easier for more electric cars to charge up and creating a better way for people to get around that’s good for the environment.

Desert Technologies and Siemens, who have worked together on big projects before, are teaming up again. This new agreement is a big deal for them. It makes their partnership even stronger and opens up exciting new chances for them to do cool stuff together in the future.

“Electric vehicles are rapidly gaining traction in the Kingdom, and DT is steadfast in its commitment to partnering with industry frontrunners like Siemens to pioneer the development of EV infrastructure, meeting the burgeoning demand,” affirmed Khaled Sharbatly, CEO of Desert Technologies. “Through the integration of Siemens products into our projects, we harness cutting-edge technology and expertise to deliver exceptional outcomes, foster innovation, and maintain a competitive edge in the market.”

“We eagerly anticipate strengthening our alliance with Desert Technologies and championing sustainability initiatives in Saudi Arabia. Electric vehicles represent pivotal technology in decarbonizing road transport, and Siemens takes pride in furnishing the infrastructure that accelerates EV growth, contributing significantly to the Saudi Green Initiative.”

Ahmad Hawsawi, CEO of Siemens in Saudi Arabia, echoed the sentiment, stating

With a shared vision, Desert Technologies and Siemens are working together to transform e-mobility and charging infrastructure solutions in Saudi Arabia. Their joint ventures demonstrate a resolute dedication to environmentally friendly transportation and will usher in a new chapter in the history of e-mobility.

About Desert Technologies 

Desert Technologies is a company that specializes in solar PV and smart infrastructure solutions. It is based in Saudi Arabia but operates in more than 25 countries. Some of its products and services include:

✅ PV modules and solar containers manufacturing

✅ Renewable energy development, investment, and management

✅ Energy storage and off-grid systems integration

✅ Electric mobility and green hydrogen technologies

✅ Smart ecosystems for rural Africa

Desert Technologies aims to enhance social well-being by promoting socially and environmentally conscious values through its investments and operations. It has a proven track record as a PV developer, investor, EPC, and O&M contractor, PV solar panel manufacturer, and energy storage systems integrator.