Sparkion and Voltus Collaborate to Improve EV Charging and Optimize Energy Storage Advantages

Sparkion and Voltus Collaborate to Improve EV Charging and Optimize Energy Storage Advantages

In a big and exciting move, Sparkion, a company known for affordable energy storage solutions for electric vehicles (EVs), has teamed up with Voltus, Inc., a major player in managing distributed energy resources (DER) and virtual power plants (VPP). Their goal is to change how the U.S. electric grid works by connecting Sparkion’s EV charging stations to Voltus’s virtual power plant network. This collaboration will help make the grid more reliable and environmentally friendly.

Sparkion’s energy management hub, Sparkion Power, is focused on electric vehicles. It’s like a one-stop solution for managing energy use and making the most of on-site energy resources like storage, solar power, and EV charging. By working together, Sparkion and Voltus are using energy storage in a smart way, connecting these resources to the U.S. electricity markets. This clever approach not only helps businesses make more money by selling energy but also makes the electric grid stronger and more resilient.

“We’re thrilled that teaming up with Voltus will bring extra benefits to customers. Now, they can use on-site energy storage to make money by participating in electricity markets.”

Adi Eyal, the CEO of Sparkion, is really excited about this partnership. He says.

Cole Rosson, Director of Business Development at Sparkion, commented “We look forward to supporting key markets in the U.S., like the Northeast, that have a mix of strong demand response incentives and high estimated EV penetration.”

The integration of Sparkion’s assets with Voltus’s platform permits participation in the virtual power plant network, enabling users to monetize distributed energy resources through demand response.

“Our partnership with Sparkion will help optimize the use of distributed energy resources, including storage, solar, and EV charging. This partnership will integrate valuable resources into our virtual power plants across the U.S. to provide grid operators with both routine and emergency grid capacity, the purpose of which is to provide consumers with lower-priced, cleaner electricity.”

Matthew Plante, President at Voltus, highlighted the broader impact of the partnership, stating.

Sparkion and Voltus’s combined efforts represent a significant step toward a more resilient, efficient, and sustainable American electric grid, opening the door to improved grid stability and financial gains for energy consumers.