BloombergNEF Electric Vehicle Outlook 2024

BloombergNEF Electric Vehicle Outlook 2024: Key Insights and Future Trends

1. Global EV Market Overview

2. Policy and Market Dynamics

3. Technological Advancements and Cost Trends

4. Commercial Vehicles and Buses

5. Global Passenger Vehicle Outlook

6. Impact on Oil and Electricity Demand

7. Battery Supply Chain and Material Demand

8. Regional Adoption and Market Differences

9. Technological Innovations and Competitive Pricing

10. Future Outlook and Scenarios

11. Electrification of Two- and Three-Wheeled Vehicles

12. Shared Mobility and Connectivity

13. Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles (PHEVs)

14. Impact on Oil Demand and Road Fuel Consumption

15. Investment in Charging Infrastructure