Tata Group's Agratas and Tata Technologies Collaborate to Advance Battery Solutions

Tata Group’s Agratas and Tata Technologies Collaborate to Advance Battery Solutions

Agratas, the global battery business under the Tata Group, and Tata Technologies, a leading global product engineering and digital services company, have announced a strategic collaboration aimed at scaling up Agratas’ product development and enterprise systems. The partnership is designed to enhance the design, development, and manufacturing of cutting-edge battery solutions.

Utilizing Tata Technologies’ extensive expertise in product development, digital engineering, digital manufacturing, and product supply chain management acquired over 25 years, Agratas aims to accelerate its product development timelines. This includes the seamless integration of battery cells into modules and packs across various applications to effectively meet customer demands.

In alignment with Tata Group’s comprehensive #OneTata approach, Tata Technologies is also tasked with developing digital business architectures to support the production of high-quality battery solutions at Agratas’ gigafactories in India and the UK. This collaboration underscores the broader Tata Group’s commitment to cultivating a holistic eMobility ecosystem, propelling the production and adoption of electric vehicles both in India and globally. With plans for battery cell production set to commence in 2026, the alliance is poised to accelerate Agratas’ anchor customers, Tata Motors and JLR, towards a fully electrified future.

Tom Flack, CEO of Agratas, expressed full commitment towards delivering top-tier battery solutions to customers and driving the global transition to electric mobility and clean energy storage. He highlighted that partnering with Tata Technologies strengthens this mission, leveraging their expertise in Electric Vehicle engineering and crucial aspects like competitive design, packaging, and integration of battery packs.

Warren Harris, CEO & Managing Director of Tata Technologies, emphasized the company’s vision of engineering a better world through sustainable solutions across the eMobility value chain. He stressed that the collaboration with Agratas reinforces Tata Technologies’ proficiency in Electric Vehicle engineering and digital transformation solutions for sustainable products. Harris believes this partnership will enhance capabilities in designing and integrating battery pack solutions into electric vehicles, while also facilitating Agratas’ gigafactories’ industrialization in the UK and India.

Additionally, Tata Technologies is supporting Agratas in mobilizing resources by facilitating the recruitment of highly skilled individuals, aiding in onboarding, and managing employee lifecycle activities. This effort spans various roles across the battery solution value chain, highlighting the depth and breadth of the collaborative engagement between the two Tata entities.