Tata Introduces Acti.ev, a ground-breaking Pure EV Architecture for Future Models

Tata Introduces acti.ev, a ground-breaking Pure EV Architecture for Future Models

Tata Passenger Electric Mobility (TPEM) has just revealed its cutting-edge Pure EV architecture, which goes by the name acti.ev (pronounced as active). The acronym stands for Advanced Connected Tech-Intelligent Electric Vehicle, and it is expected to play a significant role in future offerings from the TPEM portfolio.

Punch.ev, the first of a series of electric vehicles, will be the first product built on this Pure Electric Architecture. This cutting-edge architecture is meant to support a variety of products with different body styles and sizes, indicating Tata’s dedication to growing its electric mobility portfolio.

‘Punch.ev’ is the first product to use this cutting-edge architecture; interested parties can now reserve the Punch.ev through online channels, Tata.ev stores, or Tata Motors showrooms authorized for EV sales. Reservations are now open, and customers can secure their electric vehicle with a nominal deposit of ₹21,000, marking a significant step forward in embracing Tata’s cutting-edge electric mobility solutions.

Tata acti.ev:

Based on the fundamental ideas of Performance, Technology, Modularity, and Space Efficiency, the acti.ev architecture consists of four essential layers:

Tata acti.ev: powertrain and features

Acti.ev’s powertrain boasts a sophisticated battery pack design with cells that are subjected to strict international standards, meaning that energy density is increased by an astounding 10%. The battery pack design is flexible, offering a range of options from 300 km to 600 km. The architecture will have an improved thermal and weight efficiency. The architecture allows customers to choose the drivetrain option that best suits their needs, from AWD, RWD, or FWD. Acti.ev also supports an on-board charger that ranges from 7.2kW to 11kW for AC fast charging and DC Fast Charging up to 150kW, meaning that they can achieve an amazing ~100 km range boost in just 10 minutes.

Tata acti.ev: Chassis

Chassis: Acti.ev maximizes cabin space and storage by incorporating a flat floor without a transmission tunnel along with an additional frunk, providing more room for occupants. Its lower centre of gravity contributes to enhanced driving dynamics and handling. Additionally, the second layer of this architecture accommodates diverse body styles, with 5+ products in the next 18 months.

Tata acti.ev: Electrical Architecture

Acti.ev, the Electrical Architecture, is a scalable, forward-thinking architecture that offers enhanced computing power and ADAS level 2 functionalities. It is ready for future HMI, ADAS L2+ capabilities, and higher safety and navigation standards. Being 5G ready allows for faster network speeds and seamless connectivity. It also supports Vehicle to Vehicle Charging (V2V) and Vehicle to Load (V2L) technologies.

Tata acti.ev: Cloud Architecture 

Acti.ev is equipped with state-of-the-art solutions that guarantee superior connectivity as well as advanced over-the-air updates for software and additional features. Built on a scalable cloud architecture, this layer guarantees a future-ready environment that enhances user experience. Additionally, Arcade.ev is an in-car app suite.