Tata Power Reaches Landmark of Installing 60,000 EV Home Chargers Across India

Tata Power Reaches Landmark of Installing 60,000 EV Home Chargers Across India

Tata Power is working on making transportation more environmentally friendly. They added 11,529 new electric vehicle (EV) chargers for homes in the second quarter of the 2024 financial year. Now, they have a total of 62,000 EV chargers for homes all over India.

Tata Power’s home charging options for electric vehicles are now widely available. This makes it much easier for more people who use Tata Power EZ Charge to charge their vehicles. This important achievement shows that Tata Power is a major company helping more people in India use electric vehicles.

“Surpassing the milestone of 62,000 home chargers underscores our unwavering commitment to accelerating the electric mobility revolution in India. We are resolute in delivering a seamless, accessible and user-friendly charging infrastructure to meet the Charging requirements of EV owners at the convenience of their homes.”

said, Virendra Goyal, Head of Business Development (EV Charging), Tata Power

Tata Power also has public chargers for electric vehicles at different places like offices, societies, hotels, hospitals, car shops, malls, and highways. This makes it easy for people to charge their electric vehicles outside their homes.

Tata Power EZ Charge did really well by setting up 180 new charging points for electric buses in the three months ending in September 2023. Now, they have a total of 464 places where electric buses can charge. They also have more than 700 charging points all over the country for different kinds of electric vehicles. This shows that the company is really focused on meeting the growing needs of people who use electric vehicles.

Tata Power is always trying to improve and increase its charging service to match the growing demand of the electric vehicle market in India.