Terra Charge Unveils blanket solution to electrify last mile delivery

Terra Charge Unveils blanket solution to electrify last-mile delivery

As the only firm offering several solutions under a single platform, EV ecosystem developer Terra Motors Charging Solutions has announced the release of Terra Charge Blanket Solution, a full EV package.

The comprehensive package includes L5 Loader trucks, which are intended to meet the demands of last-mile delivery and the logistics industry and are intended to influence the $2 billion Indian electric vehicle market.

“It will also provide personalized financing options for EV purchases, build charging infrastructure, and provide centralized management software with dashboards and mobile app access for real-time insights. The company is accepting pre-orders for the L5 Loader, enabling early adopters to access advanced technology. This move coincides with Terra Motors’ latest Series C funding of $28 million, which fuelled its expansion into cities like Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata, Gurgaon, and Chennai,” reads the release.

To encourage EV adoption in the nation, Terra Motors Corporation, a global venture company based in Japan, launched the EV charging infrastructure business “Terra Charge.” With operational bases in both India and Japan, Terra Motors Corporation aims to build a mobility platform in Japan, South Asia, and Southeast Asia while ensuring easy access to EVs through co-creation initiatives. The company was founded in India in 2014 and has since developed e-mobility and Connected E-Mobility businesses.

While the government is actively working to ensure 100% domestic EV production under its “Make in India” initiative to lower reliance on crude oil imports and boost the economy, the market for electric vehicles is expected to reach 10 million annual sales by 2030. Terra Motors hopes to capitalize on this drive and enable fleet owners and last-mile delivery network partners to switch to EVs with a more localized solution.

“I am thrilled to introduce our groundbreaking solution – Terra Charge’s Blanket Solution, a brainchild of our strategic planning. We offer an all-encompassing package to businesses aiming to streamline operations. Starting with Terra Motors, renowned for 3-wheeler manufacturing, we present the L5 Loader vehicle tailored for logistics and last-mile delivery. Our financing option extends a hassle-free process, providing loans at highly attractive interest rates with minimal paperwork. Terra Charge then steps in to develop the necessary charging infrastructure, incorporating designated hubs and route charging. To complete the package, our centralized management software ensures seamless operations, offering real-time tracking and charging route optimization. With Terra Charge’s Blanket Solution, businesses can now redirect their focus on growth while we expertly handle the integral facets of their operations.

Apurba Das Mohapatra, business head at Terra Motors Charging Solution, provided insights into the Terra Charge Solution, saying

With this package, Terra Charge Vertical takes a calculated step toward its ambitious plan to add to its projected $668,000 in revenue for the Financial Year 2024 and install nearly 1000 charge points by this coming March. The company is actively looking to work with owners of EV fleets, such as SNM, an all-electric mobile ride-hailing cab service based in Pune, to electrify fleets and last-mile delivery.

Content Credit: Indian Transport & Logistics News